7 Things You Can Do on the Smart myPostpaid App

7 Things You Can Do on the Smart myPostpaid App


7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 7


Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to our mobile phones. We all want a phone that can do everything: send messages, make calls, take photos, play music, and surf the web. Phone companies are scrambling to meet this demand by packing their products with as much as features as it can. Soon, we’ll probably have a phone that can make dinner.

This kind of convenience also applies to mobile networks. Users now want a seamless experience that can address all their needs, whether it’s to register for a promo or check their bills. Smart meets this need (and exceeds expectations) with the Smart myPostpaid app, the one-stop app for postpaid subscribers. The free app allows subscribers to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle, wherever they are. The app is available for download at the App Store and Google Play.

Here are the 7 things you can do on the Smart myPostpaid app:



7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 

7. Read Smart Move

Smart supports the on-the-go lifestyle, which is why they put together Move, the network’s digital magazine. With Move, you can read about the latest in technology, travel, pop culture and what’s hot right now.



7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 2


6. Be a Smart Insider

The Insider feature of the Smart myPostpaid app allows you to read a how-to-guide on all things Smart Postpaid, and how you can maximize your plan.



7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 3


5. Find Smart Stores and payment centers

Now you don’t need to be in the dark about the nearest Smart Store and payment centers. Using the Smart myPostpaid app, you can download a list of Smart Stores (with their complete address), payment centers, and other ways to reach them. The app covers landline, toll-free, email, Facebook, and Twitter, meaning there’s always a way for you to reach them, 24/7.



7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 4


4. Manage your Flexibundle subscription

Are you one of those people who lose track of their Flexibundle subscriptions? The Smart myPostpaid app allows you to conveniently track your subscriptions and note down their expiration date. You can focus on keeping in touch with your friends instead of remembering dates.


3. Subscribe to Flexibundles

Sometimes it can get confusing to remember all the codes for call, text, and surf promos. Add to that the combo promos and it becomes a jumble of letters and numbers! With the Smart myPostpaid app, you can get a list of the Flexibundles you can subscribe to. And it’s arranged by category!



7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 5


2. Get help

If for some reason you don’t want to get in touch with customer service to help you with an issue, Smart myPostpaid has a Postpaid Support tab where you can find an updated list of self-help articles which you can use to solve an issue. These articles range from understanding your bill to solving connectivity issues. 



 7 things you can do Smart myPostpaid app 6


Access your billing statement

One of the most important features of the myPostpaid app is that you can access your billing statement. You can see your outstanding balance, your previous balance, current balance, cut-off, the bill’s due date, and your Smart Rewards points. Here, you can also get a soft copy of your statement of account in PDF format, where you can see the breakdown of the charges. You can also use other services like configuring MMS, GPRS, or 3G settings, reconnecting a redirected line, cancelling automatic credit card payments, and changing billing address and credit card information.

This feature makes being a Smart subscriber totally easy. You no longer need to worry about anything, because everything related to your account is accessible with one app. The Smart myPostpaid app has everything a subscriber can want, allowing him to lead his on-the-go lifestyle and live more.


Download the Smart myPostpaid app now at the App Store and Google Play to experience convenience and the on-the-go lifestyle!


7 Things You Can Do on the Smart myPostpaid App