7 Things to Look for in the Perfect One, with Gluta-C Kojic!

You swipe and swipe eternally on your phone in the hopes of finding “the One.”  But even if you do get a match (or even several matches), how do you know you’ve finally found that perfect match for you?  Do you value personality over looks or brains over brawn?  Whichever you prefer, I’m sure we all have that struggle of looking, fishing, and not getting anything on the line but a mangy old boot.

There’s no pressure to find a partner, but sometimes you just wanna scope the field and check if there’s even a possibility to find someone who’ll stick with you to forever.  While there’s no one template of finding the perfect partner, we may have a way to find the perfect whitening soap!  Here are just a few things to check off the things Gluta-C Kojic can offer you and a few things that can help in your search for a partner.

7 Things to Look for in the Perfect One, with Gluta-C Kojic!

  1. 4x Whitening

Gluta-C Kojic has a whitening system that’s 4x more powerful than others.  That’s definitely something you’d want when taking care of your skin.  4x the power means your chances of getting whiter and smoother skin are 4x better!  Certainly, with a partner you’d also want 4x more.  4x the effort, 4x the time, 4x their love for a better relationship.

  1. Removes Dirt and Impurities

If you can find a partner that’ll help you cleanse for the best, then you’ve found the perfect one.  Any partner that loves you enough to support you in making you a better you is definitely a catch.  Just as Gluta-C won’t fail you in removing that unavoidable icky feeling especially in this weather.

  1. Non-Drying

Of course a smooth sailing relationship is one we all dream about.  But a little rockiness in a relationship is what makes it stronger.  A partner that makes the love as smooth as possible is hard to find!  So if you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet, grab a Gluta-C to make your skin feel as smooth as a cloud while you wait for the perfect one.

7 Things to Look for in the Perfect One, with Gluta-C Kojic!

  1. Anti-Acne

Acne.  The enemy that comes with the sweat and dirt we can’t seem to shake during the summer.  You can count on Gluta-C to fight off those evil pimples for you while you count on your partner to ward off those unwanted “extras” in your relationship.  No one wants a rogue bump in that smooth sailing love boat.

  1. Exfoliates Gently

Gentleness in a partner is precious.  You’ll have someone who loves you enough to treat you as if you were priceless.  And gentleness in your soap is a must as rougher textures can be harmful to the skin.  Sure, a good scrub to feel fresh every now and then is healthy but gentle suds are the way to go for everyday care.

  1. 3x More Anti-Oxidants

Gluta-C is just overflowing with benefits and that’s how a fruitful relationship should be too!  3x more anti-oxidants to nourish the skin, and 3x the love in a relationship is the way to go.

  1. Clarifies Skin

A partner that willingly clarifies the blurred lines of a relationship or the misunderstandings you’ve had is a prize.  Your partner shows how they value you so much to make everything perfectly clear.  It’s only expected that a high quality soap gives you that crystal clear skin you’ve always wanted.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll find the perfect one, we can help you achieve the perfect skin!  The 7in1 Gluta-C with Kojic Plus will give your ordinary soap a run for its money with its packed and full to bursting benefits.  Show your skin the love you’re looking for in a partner and treat it better!  Your skin will thank you and who knows, maybe you’re so enamored with how great your skin has become that you won’t even notice your perfect match is right in front of you.