7 Signs That You Are A “Samahang Malamig ang Pasko” Member

It’s Christmastime again, which means the air is getting cooler once more… just like your heart.

Can’t tell if you’re a member of SMP, aka “Samahang Malamig ang Pasko”? We point to you the signs. Can you relate?

7. No one gave you a gift this Christmas, except for one from “Santa” and we all know that came from your parents.


Ummm, thanks, Mom and Dad?

6. The air is chilly but you have no one wrap you in a warm hug so you hog all the hot cocoa.


Who needs body warmth when I can hug a hot mug of chocolate?

5. You’re shopping for gifts, and you spot something that would be really cool to give your boyfriend… If you had one.


Awtsuu, beh.

4. You automatically stare into blank space when you hear a sad Christmas song.


You can’t help it! Especially when it’s “Pasko naaa, sinta kooo…”.

3. On Christmas Eve, you receive a “Merry Christmas!” text from your crush and your heart jumps… Until you realize it’s a GM for everyone.


Even more heartbreaking is the fact that your crush still does GMs. 2008 ba ‘to, bes?

2. You get the jitters just thinking about Noche Buena because the question, “Nasaan ang boyfriend mo?” will come up inevitably.


*Hides behind giant jamon*

1. Your one panata this Christmas is to finish all 9 mornings of Simbang Gabi so your wish of finding your one true love next Christmas would come true.


Who knows? The One may be just sitting a few pews away after all.

Are you an SMP member this Christmas? Know someone who is? Tag a friend who can relate to this post!


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