7 Shops For Your Tres Leches Cravings!

If there is something good about the quarantine, it’s how we are all discovering delicious food from small home businesses. One of the food trends today are some delicious tres leches cake that you can probably finish in one seating. It’s that goooood!

Wondering where to order? Here are some of our favorite shops!


If you are looking for something more unique, CRVE by Cara offers Ube Yema Tres Leches and Dulce De Leche Tres Leches. According to the owner Cara, their recipes went through rigorous testing to make sure that each flavor has the right balance of every element. They wanted to steer away from being too sweet since many of its elements have a sweet component to it.

The Ube Yema Tres Leches is best served chilled. At first sight, you would think that the cake might be too sweet because of the yema on top but as you bite into its fluffy base and chew altogether, you get the right mix of milk, ube, cream, yema and with a surprising hint of macapuno. The Dulce De Leche Tres Leches is your typical tres leches cake but when you mix it with the special Dulce De Leche topping, it brings it to another level of deliciousness.

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Kitchen No. 7

Specializing in different home-cooked meals, Kitchen No. 7 offers delicious dishes like Callos a la Carmen, Bulgogi on Japchae, Salmon Salpicao, and Creamy Mushroom Lengua. To finish off your scrumptious meal, you can finish off with their signature Tres Leches cake. The sponge cake is soaked in creamy milk, drizzled with dulce de leche and topped with cream.

Their Tres Leches cake are available in three sizes- Small (2pax), Medium (4-6pax) and Large(12-15pax). We highly suggest you get the medium because it’s tasty enough that you can finish it alone in one sitting!

Kitchen No. 7 has been making tres leches in their home for years. They started with the plain one and then experimented with other flavors, but the dulce de leche really clicked, and we love it! It’s straightforward, delicious, simple, and doesn’t scrimp on the good stuff!

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Hill Drive Baker

Are you from Laguna or anywhere in the south? You don’t have to fret because there’s a Tres Leches shop near you. Hill Drive Baker offers Brioche Loaf, Baguettes & Tres Leches Cakes that are available every weekend. Their Tres Leches comes in two flavors- original and strawberry.

They pride themselves on using local ingredients like carabao’s milk of Laguna and fresh strawberries from Benguet. They also use other kinds of milk to make sure you get that creamy texture in every bite.

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Milkrun Desserts

Original, Cereal Milk, Ube, and Coconut & Honey Calamansi Cuatro Leches- these are the flavors that Milkrun Desserts Offer. Their Limited slots for orders make it one of the most sought-after Tres Leches brands online. We were lucky enough to try their best-selling Cereal Milk Tres Leches and we have to admit, that cereal crunch topping gives the whole dish a fun texture. You can also opt to add cereal milk!


Specializing in Cheese Cakes, LuLuBlueCakes is no stranger to making delicious cakes. Their Ube Tres Leches comes with free dulce de leche syrup!

Jeterra Bakery & Cafe

You can get some delicious Cereal Tres Leches Cake and Strawberry Tres Leches Cake from Jeterra. They are the perfect shop for celebrations as they offer cakes and pasta trays to complete any home parties that you are planning.

Thrice the Fun

Craving for something cheeeesy? You don’t have to look further as Thrice the fun has Tres Leches topped with Queso. They also offer, cinnamon, cereal, and strawberry toppings!

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