7 Reasons The Funny Girl Makes The Best Girlfriend

So many times, we’ve heard of countless reasons why dating the funny guy is always a good idea, while girls blessed with a sense of humor are usually relegated to the sidelines as barkada (YES, girls CAN get friendzoned too!!). For some reason, it’s a foreign idea for a lot of guys to see the funny girl as girlfriend material!

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But thanks to celebrities like Yaya Dub, slowly and surely, we realize that the funny girl can be hilarious AND attractive as well. While Pinays are fawning everywhere over “Bae Alden”, we’re sure the other half of the population glued to their screens every noontime are also hoping they could be Alden as well! Well, here are 7 reasons the funny girl makes the best girlfriend!

7 Reasons The Funny Girl Makes The Best Girlfriend

7. She will get along RIDICULOUSLY WELL with your friends and family, and with almost anyone else you introduce to her.

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Unlike other girls who play the “hard-to-get” or “pa-shy” card when you introduce them to your family or friends for the first time, the funny girl is confident enough to reach out and make friends! With the funny girl, you almost never run out of common ground to talk about, and even if she and a friend of yours are as different as Venus and Mars, she can definitely win them over with her hilarious punch lines.

And at the end of the reunion with your friends or family, you will be hearing nothing but compliments and thumbs up of approval from your  loved ones.


6. She is smart and genuine.

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In short, she’s not “pabebe”. Being funny means having the ability to think on your feet and a level of wit, which means your funny girlfriend is smart as a whip! Who doesn’t like having a sweetie with brains? Also, you can bet on the fact that the funny girl is not plastik. Funny people get their jokes from real-life experiences, which keeps them real and down-to-earth!


5. She never fails to cheer you up, especially when you’re having a bad day.

funny girl makes best girlfriend yaya dub

Funny girls have great comedic timing, which means that your funny girlfriend will somehow come up with the right thing to say at exactly the right time when you’re having a bad day, and can turn that frown upside down! Who needs a stress reliever when your girlfriend is right there to keep the positive vibes going?


4. She is effortlessly beautiful.

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This isn’t to say that there’s anything bad about putting any effort in how you look! But while other girls are too concerned about how they look in the mirror, or are just too self-conscious about how people look at them that they’re almost as stiff as a rock, the funny girl is easy-going, and it’s that megawatt-smile that knocks you out. And when she actually decides to dress up? Good lord.


3. There is never a dull moment in your relationship!

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What’s great about the funny girlfriend is that any moment is hardly ever boring, and you never run out of things, inside jokes, and conversations to talk and laugh about! When that rare awkward silence does come, you’ll be surprised to suddenly see her make a funny face or come up with the best punchline that will send both of you rolling on the floor. The funny girlfriend is full of surprises and adventure!


2. She knows not to take everything in life too seriously.

funny girl makes best girlfriend maine mendoza

It’s normal to have problems and arguments, but what’s great about the funny girl is that she doesn’t dwell on them. She’s probably learned to course through life’s difficulties with humor, which makes her an inspiringly optimistic person. Last night’s argument is left in the past, as long as you’ve both worked out your differences. And the snide comment made about her by some rude girl? Forgotten about two seconds after. Or she’s already worked a joke about it.


1. But if there’s one thing the funny girl is serious about, it’s you.

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Need we say more?

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