7 More Kids’ Costumes that are Too Cute for Words

When we wrote our article on 5 Creative Kids’ Costumes that are Too Cute for Words, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who then shared their own photos of kids in cute costumes in the comments section. As such, we simply had to write a second article for them. Check them out:

7 More Kids’ Costumes that are Too Cute for Words

7. Macao Milk Tea

Macao Milk Tea Kids Costumes

April Muleta is a mother of one and a self-proclaimed milk tea lover. Since she always teases her nephew to get his mom to buy everyone milk tea, she came up with the idea of making the costume. “When my nephew’s mom told him that he was going to wear a milk tea costume, he got excited,” April recalls. “He even wanted to wear the costume from our house to the venue of the party despite sweating a lot in the costume.” He also won 3rd place for Best in Costume.

6. Godzilla

Godzilla Kids Costumes

Riva Salvacion-Abundo is the mother of her incessant chatterbox of a son, who is in Senior Kindergarten. Because Halloween is part of their school activities, Riva shares that her son always has a say in his costumes and what he wants to be for Halloween. This year, he wanted to be Godzilla. He also dressed up as Bumblebee and as a dinosaur in previous years. “They are his favorite toys and he asks me to make his costumes,” Riva shares. “Thanks to YouTube, I get to search for DIY videos and make my own version.” Talk about effort!

5. Bumblebee from Transformers

Transformers Bumblebee Kids Costumes

His Bumblebee costume deserves a spot on this list, as well!

3. – 4. Jafar and Jasmine from AladdinJasmine Kids Costumes Jafar Kids Costumes

Diane Bangit-Buddahim, the superwoman to her kids Baron and CK, recently found a love in DIY, crafting, and upcycling. After watching ‘Aladdin’ as a family, the two kids would sing the songs every single day wherever they are. A few months before Halloween, CK already expressed her desire to dress up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween because she “wants to show her tummy”. Although Diane wanted Baron to be Aladdin, he hated the idea. Instead, he decided to be Jafar because “he is wicked and scary and looks handsome with his signature mustache”. An ever supportive mom, Diane then searched for a Jafar costume; but after finding them too expensive, bought the basics instead and put both costumes together piece by piece.

2. Starbucks Drink

Starbucks Kid Costumes

Joanna San Diego’s niece is the first grandchild in their family and the center of attention. “She is our source of joy,” Joanna shares. “I always look forward to my rest days because I get to spend time with her.” Her Halloween costume was thought up by her mother, who wanted to veer away from the usual princess attire worn by little girls during trick or treat.

1. Claw Machine

Claw Machine Kids Costumes

Ellen Velasquez’ daughter, 4-year-old Elizabeth, dressed up as a claw machine. Ellen shares that her daughter has always been playful when it comes to her Halloween costume. In fact, she already won as a pumpkin patch doll and as a Chucky doll before. “I’m very hands-on in creating her costumes,” Ellen shares. “This year, we wanted to be creative yet convenient. Since their parade is usually long, I thought of using a stroller and making something out of it.”

Which costume was your favorite?

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