7 Life Hacks to Make Your Daily Grind 10 Times Easier

Words by Matthew Mendiola

Everyone has busy schedules, and the older we are, the more hectic things get. There’s a fine line that divides our life at our 8 to 5 and at home, and it’s tiring AS HELL, so we’re sure we all just want to achieve the same thing—to have the most time-efficient and the least energy-draining ways to deal with life’s daily grind.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some neat and simple life hacks you can try to help you get through everyday stuff.

7. Get more work done with this technique


You’ve probably heard about this before. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method wherein you set intervals for work and breaks. Traditionally you spend 25 minutes for work, and take 3-5 minute breaks in between. For people who get distracted easily (like most of us, let’s admit), this is the ultimate method towards productivity. When we condition ourselves to work with a deadline, albeit self-imposed, our tendency is to concentrate better and actually get the job done faster. The motivation to finish is the kind of mindset we need to accomplish the things we don’t like, and have more time to do the things that we do like.

6. Facebook keyboard shortcuts

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Bet you didn’t know that there’s an even easier way to stalk people’s lives on Facebook. Loljk. BUT as it turns out, Facebook has some keyboard shortcuts that allow you to instantly like, share, comment, update your status, and skip posts. YES you can skip those annoyingly long status rants your friends post!

While different browsers may have slight variations in Facebook keyboard shortcuts, here are some common useful keyboard hacks:

  • J and K to scroll between news feed stories
  • Enter/return to read more of the selected story
  • P to post a new status
  • L to like or unlike the selected story
  • C to comment on the selected story
  • S to share the selected story
  • O to open an attachment from the selected story
  • Q to search chat contacts

You’re welcome.

5. No more watered-down drinks

ice cubesImage: tablespoon.com

Don’t you just hate it when ice melts in your drink and suddenly it’s like you’re just drinking water? You wouldn’t want to drink watered down juice! Here’s a simple solution—whatever it is you’re drinking, freeze some of it in an ice tray, and use that as your ice. That way, even when the ice melts, it doesn’t water down your drink. 😉 (Why didn’t you think of that before, right?)

4. The key to effective desk organization

binderclips kabelsImage: apartmenttherapy.com

A clean, organized workspace does wonders to a person’s productivity. Long USB cables can be truly a nuisance though, which is why it always helps to tie them in place. Another alternative you can do, especially if you have several cables, is to run the cords through a binder clip, which you can fasten to the edge of your table. This way, the cables won’t clutter your workspace, and they won’t fall off. Voila! Instant organization!

3. Let technology do the writing for you


If your mind is quicker than your hands can write, this is the perfect tool to make your life 100% easier when you need to write something down. Just go to Google Docs, and click Command + Shift + S and the program will type down what you say. Isn’t that pretty awesome??

This voice typing feature is incredibly convenient when you have to transcribe something, or simply for when you’re writing down ideas and don’t want to ruin your train of thought.

2. Express elevator hack

elevatorImage: YouTube.com

Running late for your meeting? Need to get to your office floor fast? Once inside the elevator, press the button for the floor you need to get to while at the same time pressing the close door button. If you do this, the elevator will take you straight to your floor, skipping the other ones! *Cue teary eyes, fireworks, applause*

Although this usually works, note that we can’t say it works for all elevator types. But if it does at your building, well then, lucky you.

1. Have all your essentials ready to-go, even your food

The king of all life hacks? Having all of your essentials easily ready, even your food! For people always on-the-go, make Lucky Me! Pancit Canton in the Go Cup format your new snack buddy. The Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Go Cup tastes just as good as the Lucky Me! Pancit Canton we all know and love, just much easier to cook.

To prepare, just add the included pack of garnish, pour hot water, cook for three minutes, drain, mix seasoning well, and finally, enjoy! This is definitely the easiest everyday life hack, not to mention the most delicious, too!

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Do you have everyday life hacks you use that we can add to this list? Tell us in the comments!