7 Grab Riders Share Their Most Memorable Stories

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Commuting has become easier because of Grab. Traveling has become a pain in recent years, with malfunctioning trains, bus drivers who think they’re part of a race, and news reports of scary cab drivers. Things changed when Grab arrived in the Philippines, offering a safe, convenient, and affordable way to get around Metro Manila with the tap of a button.

There has been news that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has not yet renewed the accreditation on TNCs and according to the agency’s Memorandum Circular 2015-015, a Transportation Network Company (TNC) like Grab must be accredited by the agency before being allowed to operate.

Ever since I started using the app, I feel more at ease traveling carrying my valuables or going home late at night. I can’t imagine what I would do if Grab stops operating.

To see how life changing the app has been, we collected seven stories from passengers, who shared their most memorable rides:

1. When the driver became a cheerleader


“I was super down that day when I booked Grab because I was so worried about my business because it’s not doing well. Kuya driver started talking to me and we had a great conversation. He started encouraging me and telling me that it’s just a season. It’s like God is encouraging me about the ups and downs of life. From then on I started regularly booking Grab and talking to the drivers. They are so nice and there are so many things to learn from them,” – Jerald B.

2. When a gift became a sign

“One moment I will never forget is when kuya driver gave me a bookmark with a very powerful message. It said, “Jesus loves you.” When you’re in deep trouble, receiving a message like this is surely comforting,” – Juvy T.

3. When a driver’s good mood changed everyone’s mood

“We were all in a bad mood because we didn’t know how to go home from Manila. Buti na lang may Grab. We booked a car and nung pumasok na kami sa car, sinalubong kami ni kuya ng ngiti, which was a great mood changer. Nagrequest kami kay kuya kung pwede kami magpatugtog sa stereo. Pumayag siya! And nakipagjamming and nakipagkwentuhan pa siya kahit sobrang traffic. I found that moment really unforgettable. Roadtrip + music + cool driver = Happiness!” – Xian A.

4. When the driver was also a gentleman

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“I went home past midnight since I was on an unexpected half day schedule. It started to rain and I had no umbrella, but Kuya Driver was so kind to go to the trunk of his car to get an umbrella for me kahit na sobrang lakas na ng buhos ng ulan. I even told him it’s fine since I just have to walk a few steps from the gate to our doorstep. He said, “Ma’am, wait lang, mababasa ka.” He opened the door for me, pinayungan ako, and walked me to our front door,” – Elle C.

5. When a Grabcar is just like home

“There was this one driver with candies and alcohol on the back of the driver seat. It made me feel at home and at ease while riding his car. He was also engaging as he shared stories while he was driving which made me feel comfortable and safe. I also shared a lot of stories of my own! These things make me ride Grab every day,” – Jonathan Y.

6. When a passenger forgot his phone in a Grabcar

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“I left my phone in a Grabcar. I called him five minutes after and he told me he will bring it right away. I asked him if he has a current booking, but he said he cancelled it just to bring back my phone. I asked him how much the fare of the other booking was and he said P150. I offered to compensate him for the lost income but he refused. I ended up giving him P300 for his honesty and professionalism,” – David L.

7. When another passenger forgot her phone, along with a lot of cash

“I left my bag with my phone and cash for my daughter’s tuition fee because I was carrying a lot of stuff along with my two children. But this driver went back to my house to return my bag. I was very thankful and happy,” – Dethzkie C.


Let’s hope that Grab is reaccredited so we can continue having safe rides in Manila!


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