7 Fun Things to Do on Valentine’s, Whatever Your Relationship Status

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Valentine’s is all about love but somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten that and focused on hugot and heartbreak. We’ve also become conditioned to believe that having no date means a sad Valentine’s. But we at WheninManila.com would like to think that you can still celebrate the day of hearts, whatever your relationship status, with the people you love.

If you still haven’t made plans with your partner, friends, or even family, we have a few suggestions on how to sweeten Valentine’s:

7. Create a rom-com marathon

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If you decide to stay in and avoid the inevitable traffic, why not do a movie marathon of romantic comedies? You can have an even more specific theme, like cheesy rom-coms or straight-up bad rom-coms. Nothing beats our local films when it comes to sweetness, especially those from the ‘90s starring Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin.

6. Have a cooking party at home


If you and your companions are feeling energetic on Valentine’s, why not host a dinner at home? Create a three- or four-course menu featuring your favorite cuisine and have a great time bonding over delicious dishes. For more intense bonding, you can make it a cooking party where everyone has to play a role. Those who can’t cook can do simple things like slicing and dicing.

5. Spend time with animals at a dog or cat cafe

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Spend your Valentine’s with a furdate! Go to one of the many dog and cat cafes in Metro Manila and cuddle up with a labrador retriever or a tabby. Pets, especially dogs, are said to benefit your well-being and what better way to feel the love than to spend a day with them?

4. Play board games

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Why don’t you go back to simpler times like your childhood years and play board games? We’re not talking about simple board games like Snakes and Ladders, but more complicated games that involve strategic planning, politics, history, and maybe some double-crossing. Head to one of the many board game cafes and fill up on nostalgia and grub!

3. Go see art for National Arts Month

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February is not just the love month but also the National Arts Month. Celebrate Filipino artistry by checking out the more than 100 performances, exhibits, and shows of Fringe, an arts and community festival by local and foreign performers across 20 venues in Manila. There’s also the Manila Biennale, where guests can visit exhibits in Intramuros.

2. Go on a photo shoot!

San Miguel Flavored Beer

While most people will post photos of their date, why not do something different by taking a new profile photo for your social media accounts? On February 9 and 10, San Miguel Flavored Beer is setting up a couch that will serve as a photo booth at UP Town Center. Those who post their photos online with the hashtag #WalangKasingSweeeet will win SMFB premium items and dozens of likes on their new profile photo. Yassi Pressman will be there on February 10 so that’s something to look forward to!

1. Take your family out on a date

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Valentine’s is not just romantic love and can also include love for the family. Change things up this year by taking your folks out for a date! Go catch a movie, eat at a fancy restaurant, or do any of the things we suggested here. They’re the ones who have you been with you all your life, and will surely be there through the years. Share your love with your family on the day of hearts, too!

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