7 Easy Tips to Stay on Top of Your Game at Every Inuman

One of the things we Filipinos love to do is drink. We drink when we’re happy and we drink when we’re sad. We throw inumans when we’re celebrating something and we’ll throw another one when we’re suffering a breakup. But while drinking with family and friends can be fun, we have to take care of ourselves so we don’t end up crazy drunk or in a road accident.

Here are some easy tips to make sure you’re on top of your game at every inuman:


7. Make sure your stomach is not empty

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Never drink on an empty stomach so always make sure to eat before drinking. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol in the circulatory system, which will help you not feel drunk or hungover the next day.

6. Pace yourself

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When drinking, it’s important to pace yourself. Strategize how you’re going to stretch your drinks for the rest of the night. It’s been said that one glass or bottle should last you an hour, so sip your drink. Don’t gulp it. That way, you can also taste and smell the different flavors present.

5. Know your limit

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You have to know your drinking limit. Knowing your limit means you can plan your night so you don’t end up feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit. To know your limit, be mindful of your body and notice how many drinks it takes before you start getting dizzy. You don’t want to be the guy known for creating a mess when drunk so know when you should stop.

4. Have a designated driver

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Drinking and driving is a no-no. Before the festivities, make sure you know how you’re going home. If a car is involved, assign a designated driver who will not drink. This is important as alcohol slows down your reaction speed, which is needed in driving. The designated driver will be responsible for bringing everyone home safely so he or she should be alert and sober.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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Dilute the alcohol with some water. Alcohol dehydrates you so always have one glass of water for every drink. It’s also your best defense against a hangover the next morning so keep a glass or bottle of water handy!

2. Drink to socialize, not to get drunk

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Drinking to get drunk is reserved for amateur drinkers and those recovering from a breakup. If you’re neither of the two, you’re drinking to socialize. Alcohol has been called a social lubricant because it helps you loosen up and become comfortable. The fun people at parties are the ones who share stories, laugh at jokes, and join the conversation. He or she is not the overly chatty person who slurs his or her words and is on the verge of throwing up.

1. Drink flavored beer


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