7 Cute Moments from Jung Hae-In’s ‘One Summer Night’ Tour in Manila

Jung Hae-in first debuted in a television series entitled ‘Bride of the Century’ in 2013. The South Korean actor rose to fame quite fast despite starting acting at 26 years old, which is already considered late in the acting world. He gained popularity for his role in the SBS drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ as Han Woo-tak, a police officer that every Korean drama enthusiast instantly fell in love with. His recent film “Tune in for Love” that was just released this month topped the  South Korean box office, as well.

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Oppa! Jung Hae In at today’s Press Conference in Manila for #OneSummerNight Fan Meeting #JungHaeInManila2019 ?

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Filipinos are no strangers to idols visiting the country for fan gatherings, but it came as a surprise to Jung Hae-in that he had a lot of fans here. He first came to the Philippines and made us smile during his fan meeting last year. His fans or “Holies” simply can’t get enough of seeing the heartthrob – that’s for sure.

7 Cute Moments from Jung Hae-In’s ‘One Summer Night’ Tour in Manila

7. Jung Hae-in serenading his fans

Hae-in says he is still a little shy when he sings in front of fans, but it is no surprise that he can carry a tune since he performed in several musical plays in college. He earned a degree in Broadcasting Entertainment Department at Pyeongtaek University.

6. Jung Hae-in drinking calamansi juice

We were expecting a “mukhasim” face when he started drinking calamansi juice onstage; but after taking his first sip, he started chugging the whole thing. Turns out the welcome drink prepared for him was sweet! Not the reaction we wanted, but he still managed to make us all feel “kilig”.

5. His kick attempts for the bottle cap challenge

During the Mission Impossible segment, he had to turn kick and remove the cap off of a bottle. Despite succeeding in his third task, he failed to accomplish all of the tasks assigned to him. His punishment was actually a favor to us since he had to take a polaroid photo, record a good night video, sign an autograph, and hug lucky fans drawn from the raffle.

6. Video recording on a fan’s phone

Jung Hae-in lost in one of the games, so he had to record a good night video on a fan’s phone. He only said “good night” in the first video, which left the fan unsatisfied; so she requested for another one and he happily obliged. “Hello, angel! Good night!” he said. Someone will definitely sleep soundly every night now, thanks to Hae-in!

3. Good drawing skills

As part of the program, Jung Hae-in had to draw his manager’s face on a shirt. Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter, Jung Hae-in included, when the camera focused on Mr. Lee.His manager was trying so hard to put on a straight face, but eventually giggled since he could not hold it in anymore. As part of the challenge, he had to use his non-dominant hand, which is his left. For someone who isn’t ambidextrous, it was a pretty good portrait!

2. Reading fan letters

Jung Hae-in read three lucky fans’ letters to him. The problem that left him astonished was of the one from a Jakarta fan who flew in just to see him. It took Jung Hae-in a while to process what he read, but his reaction and solution made our hearts flutter. He said that although he is thankful that she is a huge fan, we should all learn how to love ourselves. Just when I thought I couldn’t fall deeper in love with him! He definitely made everyone gush and you could hear never-ending “aww” reactions from everyone in the theater.

1. Jung Hae-in couldn’t stop saying “Mahal Ko Kayo!”

Mahal ka din namin, Jung Hae-in!

It was definitely a summer night to remember! His next big project is still a secret, but we will still surely support our Milk Man. Any other cute moments from Jung Hae-in’s second fan meet that we missed?

Share your thoughts or photos with us!

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