7 Fake But Funny Customer Care Responses: Is This What You Want to Hear?

Whenever we get annoyed or feel cheated by a company, it has become so easy to turn to social media to vent our frustrations. A lot of the time, we end up being unhappy with the customer care that we receive after we vent those frustrations, as well. Sometimes, those in charge of customer care reply too slowly and other times, they are just plain unhelpful. Well, what if the customer care that we received sounded like the responses below? Would you laugh or would you get even angrier? :p

Oh, and by the way: the responses to these complaints are by a fake Customer Care account, not the actual customer care accounts of the companies. 😉


7 Customer Care Responses: Is This What You Want to Hear?


7. Jollibee Lookalike

Customer Care 10

6. Garbage Pickup

Customer Care 9

5. Who Lives in Rizal?

Customer Care 8

4. Porn Lover

Customer Care 7

3. Flight Problems
Customer Care 4

2. PC Shop
Customer Care 21. At Least May Nagtetext!

Customer Care 1

What do you think of these responses? Have you ever experienced anything similar? Share your funny experiences with us! 🙂