7 Chic and Classy OOTD Spots in DLSU

Words by Gione Pagdanganan

Photos by Liezl Pineda 

Surrounded by buildings ranging from neoclassical to modern geometrical designs, DLSU is a haven of places for students who are into OOTDs. Here are some new and great spots you might want to check out for your next #OOTD in DLSU!

7 Chic and Classy OOTD Spots in DLSU

7. Velasco Hall

OOTD Places in DLSU-20

The stairs outside Velasco Hall are picturesque if you use your creative imagination and modeling skills.

6. St. Miguel Hall

OOTD Places in DLSU-5

OOTD Places in DLSU-13

St. Miguel Hall is the perfect place to unleash your mysterious and dark personality and outfit. The building is surrounded by dark vertical bars and red flooring – perfect to make your style pop out!

5. Henry-Yuchencgo Bridge

OOTD Places in DLSU-8

OOTD Places in DLSU-9
Another spot for OOTDs, this bridge is a great place for students who are looking to take modern OOTDs. The buildings and scenery around Taft Avenue are beautifully seen on this bridge.

4. St. La Salle Hall

OOTD Places in DLSU-17

OOTD Places in DLSU-16

The oldest historical building in DLSU, St. La Salle Hall is another great spot for OOTD aficionados. The halls of the building are neoclassical, which are perfect to combine both classic and modern styles.

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