7 Awesome Things About Being A “Promdi”

Manila is the Philippines’ capital, which means it has the greatest concentration of business, educational, and cultural progress in the whole country. Hence, the dream of making it big in the city is a trend that has passed on through generations — it’s a great privilege for someone from the province to get into a top school in Metro Manila, for example!

Still, even if we’re hacking it in the big city, this doesn’t mean turning back from our roots — on the contrary, succeeding in the metro gives us even bigger reason to be proud of our probinsyano origins! In the name of all the conyo Manila kids that made fun of you during your college years, here are seven (among other!) awesome things about being a proud promdi.

7. You have secret nicknames in your native language for people you don’t like.

Filipino swear

6. You can brag to people about being trilingual or multilingual.

Bisaya, Ilonggo, Tagalog, AND English? I hear Manila kids’ jaws dropping already.

5. Older people you meet for the first time are impressed by your old-school manners.

Liza Soberano

Whether you’re going to dinner with your S.O.’s parents or meeting your old, conservative boss for the first time, your modesty is charming and according to them, “a lost tradition”. Hooray for small-town values!

4. Your home in the province is a quick respite from Manila’s chaotic environment.

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The hustle and bustle of the city stressing you out? No worries, a quick bus or plane ride to your hometown with your mom’s cooking should fix that quickly.

3. Being in the outdoors does not faze you.

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While the thought of trees, rocks, and sand can be daunting to city kids, you can’t quite understand — you literally grew up with a kalabaw across the street.

2. Your friends are constantly amazed by your culinary range.

Vikings Buffet Philippine Independence Day

Oh, you mean my family’s laing and bicol express recipe? No biggie, it’s only been passed down through seven generations. I could open a restaurant someday.

1. While your friends are scrambling for tickets to their next summer getaway, you know that the best tourist spots are in your own backyard.

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While Boracay and Palawan are definitely stunning, our country has 7107 islands, which means there are more potential tourist spots to be discovered! Have I told you that there’s a white sand beach just thirty minutes away from my house? Yeah, go eat your heart out.

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