7 Annoying Lines NBSBs are So Done Hearing


Picture this: you’re at a family reunion, forced to socialize with relatives you haven’t seen since God-knows-when, casually bumping into titos and titas you barely remember but should. You’re halfway through the exit door and just want to get things over with, but there goes a relative from across the room running fast, approaching you, talking in a volume far higher than normal and shouts, “Uy! Kumusta? Wala ka pa ring boyfriend?”.

Welcome to the world of No Boyfriend Since Birth—where societal pressure is an enemy and hearing the same set of questions has almost become a norm. And trust me when I say, it gets reaaally exhausting.

So allow me to say this for once: That’s it, on behalf of all NBSB out there, we’re so done. But of course, being the good girls we are, we’ve prepared a compilation of lines we’re tired of hearing—answered all for you so the next time you’d even think of asking us, you already have something to refer to.

7 Annoying Lines NBSBs are So Done Hearing

7. “Kailan ka ba magkaka-boyfriend?”

Last time I checked, there’s no deadline for this. Ikaw, when will you mind your own business?

6. “Ang taas kasi ng standards mo!

False. Having no boyfriend does not necessarily equate to having high standards. Just like you, we value our worth and aim to settle for what our hearts deserve. We have also learned a thing or two from all the failed relationships of our friends and people we hold dear over time, possibly affecting the decisions we make.

5. “Sige ka, tatanda kang dalaga!”

For crying out loud, is that the worst threat you can think of? Come to Mama!

4. “Masyado ka atang masungit!”

Masyado ka atang nakikialam?

3. “Gusto mo ba maging madre?”

Okay, since when did the correlation of aspiring to be a nun and not having a boyfriend ever exist? Just because I don’t have a boyfriend does not mean I don’t want to have one and would want to devote myself loving God above all. I can do both, just FYI!

2. “Masyado ka kasing choosy!”

Sure. I also choose not to talk to you. Next!

1. “Tomboy ka ba?”

Ah, another flawed logic. Not having a boyfriend does not automatically mean not wanting or not being attracted to the opposite sex. Tomboys and/or lesbians who are not attracted to men are different from women who just opt to stay single. Simple as that, Betty. So move over and let people be happy.

The pressure gets tougher as another family get-together passes. Sometimes it even extends in the workplace or right when we’re with our peers. But one thing’s for sure: we all have our reasons. Perhaps we’re still improving ourselves while waiting for the right one, or maybe, just maybe, we prefer not to have one at all (and that’s perfectly fine too). After all, regardless of what the society thinks we lack, we’re all women capable of making our own choices.