6th Happy at Work Conference: Changing Mindsets, Challenging Millenials

The toughest challenges that put companies in grave tests are not the external factors, but rather the ones happening within the organization. These factors directly affect the methods and successes of its operations such as management of generation of employees, a restrained work-life balance, and high turnover rate. It’s an ironic problem that continuously haunt companies since they have more control over these issues unlike the external environment. That is why it is important for businesses to adapt and use modern approaches to create a healthy environment that ensures an all-inclusive organizational growth.

A thriving organizational culture is key to achieving a healthy working environment – one that believe in people’s ability to grow and improve through hard work, skills development and positive coaching. This growth mindset is evident in high-performing companies that proved the value of feedback and individual development in creating a collaborative and productive organization.

The 6TH HAPPY AT WORK CONFERENCE will happen on June 14, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the New World Makati Hotel. It aims to help companies develop the right mindset by learning something new with the most useful and relevant information. We will achieve this by sharing new insights to encourage formation of a high performing organization, such as building employee commitment to increase contribution at work, fostering work-life integration, and to successfully motivate the largest sector of the workforce: the Millennials.

6th Happy at Work Conference: Changing Mindsets, Challenging Millenials

This conference will feature seasoned professionals from various industries. They will share their expertise and rich experience to enable organizations to face the challenges of having a fixed organizational mindset and address the common misconceptions that hinders growth.

The first of our plenary speaker is Marty Crotty in his session called “Reshaping Mindsets with Vision, Mission and Values.” He will share the success story of AES through its innovative initiative that enable the company to become a worldwide energy giant with 40, 000 employees in 31 countries and revenues of $8.6 billion. As President of the Strategic Business Unit of AES Asia, Marty is responsible for the growth efforts of AES in providing affordable and sustainable energy in regions such as India, Philippines and Vietnam.

Joey Bonifacio, Lead Pastor of Victory Fort Bonifacio, will share the components of a healthy environment that are essential to their thriving church where majority of its members are millennials. In his session “Tapping into the Millennial Mindset to Build a Transforming Culture,” participants will learn how to achieve a growing environment where components support each other. Joey has authored four books: The Promise No One Wants, The Mystery of the Empty Stomach, The One Lesson that Changed My Marriage and The LEGO Principle.

In addressing the growing concern of the BPO industry to find the most qualified people for the job, IT-Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), together with HR Avatar collaborated for a study to identify solutions for talent acquisition and development. Liza Manalo-Mapagu, CEO of HR Avatar Philippines, will present this study through her session “2015 Profile of Team Leaders: Talent Industry Benchmarking Stud.” She oversees HR Avatar US’ assessment program implementation in SEA, Middle East and China. At present, her advocacies are focused on HR Analytics specifically on the power of predictive analytics for corporate HR metrics on performance and retention.

On the other hand, Pauline Fermin will feature a study on millennials in her session called “The Mindset of Millennials: A Fresh and First-hand Ethnographic Research on Generation Y.” This will enlighten everyone on the habits, behavior, and mindset of millennials – giving an evident advantage on how to maximize the youth’s organizational value and collective productivity that undeniably stand out in the global business limelight. As Managing Director of Acumen, Pauline has led projects for Del Monte, BDO, Globe, URC, Hershey’s and Mead Johnson among others.

Our fifth speaker is Kevin Graves, the Executive Director of Family First Global. In his session “Life and Work Integration: Millennials don’t want jobs; they want lives,” participants will acquire work-life alignment skills to better manage personal lives and enhance family relationship. Kevil will share their propriety “7Fs” Well-Being Model, comprising of Fun, Friends, Family Relationships, Faith and Fulfillment plus Finance and Fitness. He is a leadership trainer and coach in the US and Asia for 30 years, focusing on topic of work-life integration, which is being offered as a program by Family First Global to companies in Singapore.

Lastly, we have Carlo Mata, the Managing Director of the Philippine Operations of White & Case LLP. With over a decade of experience in leading the BPO sector, he will shed light on how to address the needs and qualities of the millennial workforce through adapting leadership style and his unique understanding into what it take to lead the young breed of professionals. Moreover, new solutions on how to address generational issues will be tackled in his session “Leading Millennial Leaders.”

Industry champions and business leaders seeking to better understand millennials and foster the growth mindset will discover more the rich experience of our speakers when they join the conference.

The 6th HAPPY AT WORK CONFERENCE: CHANGING MINDSETS. CHALLENGING MILLENNIALS is presented by Salt & Light Ventures, a division of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc., and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. For reservations call (02) 813-2703/32, text 0922-898-0044, or email inquiry@saltandlight.ph.

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