6 Years of Celebrations: It’s Vikings’ Honor


There are over 7 billion people in the 196 countries of the world. Around 100 million of them are Filipino. Each of these 100 million is special. Each was born with their own personality, their own set of quirks. Some may be tall, and some may be short, but to each one, a special day of their own has been given…

“Dear John. Happy birthday, mahal.”

“Happiest of birthdays, Nicole! We love you.”

“Here’s to another year. Happy birthday, Mark!”

“You bring such joy to us, anak. Happy birthday, Joy!”

“To the best papa ever. Happy birthday, Ian!”

“Happy birthday to my angel, Angela!”

“A sweet treat for a sweet girl. Happy birthday, Marie!”

No matter who you are or where you come from, it is important to be grateful for the day you were brought into the world. Well, Vikings sure is because they know how special you are. You are a gift that keeps on giving, and it is their happiness whenever you choose to celebrate your life with them.

Vikings luxury buffet 7 million cakes

All 2 million of you. Going around the world, skipping through seasons in plates and plates of food, it has already been six years, and over 2 million cakes have already been served. It continues to be an honor for Vikings Luxury Buffet to commemorate the milestones of each and every Filipino. Celebrate six years of good food and great company with a meal at Vikings, the absolute best buffet experience in the country.

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