6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block That Worked for Me

Words by Ann De Guzman

Whether it’s for work, for school, or for oneself, lack of inspiration and writer’s block are the bane of any writer’s experience. Experience doesn’t make you invulnerable to writer’s block, but experience does help in finding ways to avert it. Here are some tips and tricks for both fiction writers and essay writers.

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Fiction is an endless sea of inspiration deeply embedded with rich symbolism and vivid descriptions. The classics are timeless pieces of art that hold great value despite the time it was written, and contemporary pieces rework concepts from a perspective familiar to readers today. Learning about what makes it timeless and how it was written will give writers a new lens for viewing their works from and will inspire them to create something with the same, if not similar, impact.

When it comes to academic writing, in order to sound smart, an authorial voice is crucial in delivering the contents. Academic essays and papers help build authorial voice and conviction whilst making it sound simple and concise as well as improving formatting and citations. The contents may also fascinate you into delving into further research to find articles just as interesting.

In other words, remaining interested in what is being written will motivate you to look for more reasons to admire your art.


Writing in one singular way limits reader expectations. Using a different angle breathes new life into an old or overdone topic. The most popular works of today were written by authors who masterfully subvert genre tropes or poke fun at the genre. George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a popular example of subverting genre tropes because of the seamless blend of fantasy and realism with compelling and complex characters.


Genres have varying appeals that draw in readers. Some people love the tension and suspense of thriller novels, others people just want the feel-good vibes of the romance genre. Every genre has its appeal and it is a great way to get ideas because of elements that convey stories in more than one way that is distinct and unique to the genre. Learning to appreciate and understand the appeal of genres will allow you to appeal to more readers when writing. It also allows you to expand options on how to write and find new inspiration for your own works.


Prompts are great exercises to practice writing an idea. Learning to effectively voice ideas on paper or in words builds writing characteristics that are unique to the author and allows writers to master their writing style. Reddit and Pinterest have good prompts to get your creative juices flowing.


Keeping a journal or notepad for jotting down ideas is ideal for making rough drafts of story points. Ideas come randomly and it is best to jot them down before you forget.


Sometimes writer’s block comes from burnout and taking a step back for self-care really helps. Burnout won’t allow creativity to flow and sometimes it helps to step away from your pen and paper or laptop once in a while to find that enjoyment again.

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