6 Tips To Enjoy A Hassle-Free Travel

With how busy things get this season, we tend to forget A LOT of stuff, especially, when you’re not a frequent traveler like me. That’s why whether you’re traveling for work, traveling with family, or for personal leisure, it pays to travel light, prepared, and organized.

So, I encourage you to write these 6 effortless tips down to fully enjoy traveling this Yuletide season!

6. Plan Ahead


When I say, “plan ahead” it means, you have to anticipate the worst, and hope for the best. LOL.

Also, you need to be realistic. Can you afford the travel? Are you traveling with children? Have you researched enough about your desired destination? You must keep in mind, traveling on holidays are crazy and expensive! So, plan where to go, what to do, and where to get the cheapest airfare, so you can get the best of everything.

5. Save money by taking advantage of those low fare travel tickets

AirAsia to Accept Transgender Applicants Across All Positions

Check out AirAsia’s red hot seats online! I know there’s one for Taipei and even local destinations!

Once you’ve finalized everything, start looking for affordable tickets. The earlier you purchase, the better! That’s why planning ahead is advantageous, you still have plenty of time to shop around.

4. Pack wisely

Depending on the duration of your trip, it always pays to travel light. Bring a few of what you REALLY need.

3. Leave early

advantages of traffic

Holidays are the busiest time of the year. Everyone is on-the-go, so it pays to arrive earlier at the airport. You must anticipate the long security and check-in lines, as well as, the holiday traffic in the Metro.

2. Know your airport

Our airports have evolved tremendously. So, it’s a must to check which airport you’re flying to avoid last minute rush. In addition, knowing your airport can give you a huge advantage.

1. Be Courteous and take it easy

In fact, the independenttraveler.com described it as “keep your cool.” I totally agree. I know there are inevitable things that could happen, but whatever the case may be, always keep your cool.

banana beach davao tagum hijo estates

Isipin mo na lang yung magandang scenery na ito. (Taken at Banana Beach Davao. Read our review here .

Choose your battles, so to speak.

Stress and hassle-free Vacation

Traveling could be rejuvenating, yet stressful when things aren’t in order, especially, when you’re traveling with children. So, do not overdo things. Bring what you can and what you only NEED for the time being. Ultimately, know your airlines’ and airports’ security guidelines beforehand.

So, if you want a hassle-free holiday vacation, consider these effortless tips when traveling this season!

Do you have any travel plans next year? We’d love to know where! Join our discussion here!


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