6 Things You Should Remember When You Overthink Everything

I admit I’m an over-thinker. I’m someone who ‘loves’ spending time overthinking. I overthink many things. I spend unacceptable amounts of time pondering about my career, my family, other people, and my life, in general.

While I don’t really love doing it, I can’t help it. It’s who I am. However, I know I can’t stay like that all the time. I have work and other things I spend time on that I wish to continue; so, every now and then, I try to find ways to remedy my overthinking and use it to my advantage. You can do that, too. Whether you are a freelancer like me or have a different career, you can battle overthinking. Here’s how.

6 Things You Should Remember When You Overthink Everything

Veer Away from Your Routine for a While.

I noticed that the more I try to immerse myself in work, the more I can’t concentrate when my overthinking habits kick in. As a freelancer, I’m inclined to get bored because I work from home. Because of that, I try to get out of the house even just to walk in the morning. I meet up with like-minded people where I’m able to learn new ideas and make new friends.

When I want to be alone, I take a walking tour of the Central Business Districts here in Manila. Though many will say that a tired mind needs to relax somewhere quiet like a retreat house or the mountains, I still find a nice refuge in good spots around the Metro. Even just a day away from what’s bothering you can do a lot. It offers some form of relaxation.


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Talk to a Close Friend or Relative.

It’s nice to have family member or a friend to talk – someone you can be honest with. The last thing you want is to keep your anxiety to yourself. Talk to someone who welcomes it and can offer a helping hand. Always remember that not everyone will judge what you’re going through. There are still many people who would like to help out and give advice.

Look for a Hobby.

Having a hobby like arts and crafts or reading can take your mind off of things. I don’t suggest computer games if you have addictive tendencies, though. I’m saying this based on experience where I would wake up at different times during the night just to check on my game. It’s not helpful, especially for someone who needs to get enough sleep.

I find that other hobbies like making jewelry or collecting stuff is easier to maintain for someone like me who has a problem with time management. If you have time management problems, too; you can try to look for hobbies that won’t consume too much of your time and might make you even more anxious because you weren’t able to complete your chores. You can also try sports.


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Over-thinkers think about every little thing


Maintain a Journal.

I love writing in my journal because I can write about the things that I’m too scared to talk to other people about. Writing can help you if your mind is preoccupied with so many things that you’re afraid to tell your friends and family. You can also write down your goals and check on it regularly to see if you are following through.

Drink Your Comfort Beverage.

I’m not saying you should drink beer a lot if that’s your favorite drink; but if it is and because it tastes good, why not? You don’t have to drink tea if that isn’t your thing, but tea can really calm you down. I discovered that I personally find comfort in drinking milk. Whatever it is that offers you some sort of healing, even if it’s just for the time being, drink it.

If tea soothes you, go ahead. If you prefer hot chocolate with marshmallows, drink it – as long as it gives you happiness. If you like beer, drink it. Just don’t get drunk; this might make you more anxious. Remember: the goal is to take your mind off of your worries, not the other way around.

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Think happy thoughts as much as you can

Build a Relationship with God.

I can’t believe I’m saying this because I don’t consider myself a religious person but sometimes, when I feel really bad, I pray to God and cry to Him and it brings me relief. You can also build a relationship with God. You can pray to him when you feel like everything in your life is becoming too overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

When I overthink, I think about my failures in all aspects of my life. I forget the good things I did, the people who love me, and the good things that are happening in my life. I only think about the losses, the failures, the emptiness, and all the negative things because it’s so easy to wallow in self-pity. I know it’s wrong, though. It’s very wrong.

First of all: while it may be true that I have lost people I love and care for, I didn’t lose everyone. I’m still blessed to have people who need to be in my life. Also, I’m not really a failure because I’m still here and kicking. With regards to my job, clients come and go. It’s part of the evolution of my career. I can’t expect to work with the same clients forever.

Lastly, not everything is negative. I find that after every ending, there’s a new beginning. The reason for my overthinking now may not be the reason I overthink anymore tomorrow; so you know what’s better? It’s better that all of us over-thinkers find our own ways or in this case, try these tips, to fight overthinking or work it to your advantage.