6 Things You Can Relate To If You Can’t Park

Let’s face it, if you’re a newbie driver or just someone who doesn’t have any talent with parking, you have the most difficult time in manila. With limited parking slots in the metro, you always caught yourself stressing about where (or even how) to leave your vehicle.

I learned to drive years ago but it’s only last year that I really put it to use. From before and until now, I still can’t perfect parking. I have to adjust so many times just to place my car within the box.

So here are some things you would be able to relate to if you are bad at parking ?



Parking is already really expensive especially in business districts and since most parking areas are usually packed, you resort to Valet Parking. You usually allocate at least 300 for parking because you fear that parking in malls and open parkings are tiny that you might hit other cars. You might as well trust your car to a complete stranger.

Farthest Parking Area

Since you don’t want to hit any cars, you look for the most spacious parking space whether it be on the bottom floor of the mall or an open parking at least 3 blocks away from where you are going. When at the parking area, your car is the only vehicle in one side because you don’t want any trouble.

Crack Under Pressure

When you try to park slowly (but surely) and other drivers start to honk at you, you start to panic. Sometimes you just drive away so you won’t cause any traffic.

It takes you forever!

May forever!! Whether it be a tight parking space or a very spacious one, you take so long to properly park. You adjust at least 5 times to get within the lines or maybe even just straighten your vehicle.

Check the line


This scenario is all to familiar. You step out your vehicle to see if you are parked properly then you adjust it again, open the door to see if you’re inside the lines. Then you step out your vehicle again. You sometimes adjust your side mirror to see the parking line.

Need a lookout

You love having someone when you drive, it’s not just because to keep you company but to also help you park. You ask them to guide you when you back up, adjust to the side and even say if your wheels are straight.


If you suck at parking (like me), then you should have a car with rear view cameras and something that is easy to maneuver like the all new Ford Ecosport. It has a new look with its chrome grill. It is improved from its previous model from the inside out. But if you are concerned with your parking skills, the new Ford Ecosport has a revere sensing system, rear view camera and a cross-traffic alert on the side mirrors.

IMG 2849

We tried the new Ford Ecosport in a road trip to Las Casas Filipinas Azucar in Bataan and we have to say, the ride is smooth and we were so confident to drive it because of its new features. We also improved our parking skills!

Are you bad at parking too? Tell us  your story in the comments section below!