6 Things You Should Add to the Checklist of Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Since the outdoors can bring all kinds of unplanned circumstances, it’s always better to prepare beforehand. This holds especially true when you decide to mingle with nature on a hike since you’ll be far away from stores that could cater to your convenience.

6 Things You Should Add to the Checklist of Your Next Outdoor Adventure

An Insulated Water Bottle


The regular temperature in the Philippines is 30℃-35℃, imagine trying to have fun in the sun, but instead feeling dizzy and weak. That would kill the fun you have planned, no? Prepare yourself for this with a double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle to keep your water (and you!) cool in the heat.

A Breathable Shirt


It is important to keep your body temperature as cool as possible to avoid heat stroke. Choose your clothing wisely and make sure you always wear something light, loose, and breathable. The North Face offers T-shirts that are very comfy and that use breathable fabrics for the utmost comfort.

A Lightweight Rain Jacket


The weather can be quite unpredictable. Be ready for light showers or heavy rains that may come pouring down out of nowhere with a lightweight jacket that won’t be a burden in your bag.

A Roxy Cap


Besides protecting yourself from the rain, you need to protect our scalp and face from the sun, as well. Bringing a cap is always a good idea as it can protect you from both the sun and light rainshowers.

Proper Footwear


The outdoors is not the place for casual footwear. You will need proper footwear if you want to enjoy your time outside for longer. Choose shoes that are the right size with good support and made out of breathable material.

A Cute Yet Sturdy Bag


Of course, you’ll need to stash your necessities somewhere, right? It is best to choose a backpack since this provides better back support than any other type of bag.

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