6 Things Only Employees Who Seek a Promotion or a Raise Will Understand

In the extremely competitive nature of the workforce these days, keeping a job is already a challenge of its own. What brings about a shift in an employee’s thinking is when he realizes he deserves more.

Listed below are 6 things that happen when the “promotion bug” bites you in the butt.

6 Things Only Employees Who Seek a Promotion or a Raise Will Understand

The challenge isn’t actually being qualified to get a raise or a promotion. The “real” challenge is gathering up all the courage left in your very existence to ask your boss about it.

Let’s be honest: asking for a raise or a promotion is a little dangerous. It will put you in a 50-50 situation where you can expect the following: you will either get what you want or your boss will think you’re being ridiculous. I heard of a story some time ago where instead of the employee getting a raise, he was laid off for a few months after that moment-of-truth kind of conversation. The boss eventually saw a “more deserving” employee who never questioned the higher-ups on matters like going up the corporate ladder.

It might as well be concluded that some bosses want their employees to realize what they are asking from them. That maybe, they’re not ripe for a promotion or the company can’t afford a raise for the time being. Some bosses are even the ones who are being ridiculous; they see you as a threat to the company for reasons you won’t begin to understand right away.

When you know the answer you will get ALL TOO WELL, but ask your boss anyway.

A friend from the online content writing community jokingly shared a non-verbatim, straight-to-the-point conversation between her and the higher-ups:

“Might we propose a raise?” they asked.

“Asa. Next concern?”

Your takeaway on this? Well, at least you tried. Maybe the boss wanted to say, “Come back when you and I are both ready.”

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You begin to enumerate the things that you’ve done for the company’s sake or the things that you could offer to lessen the workload of your boss.

One employee shares her story of how she was able to get her boss’ nod. “I directly asked my boss to help her on other tasks. I see that her hand is quite full na so I stepped up and asked right away. I laid out what I can do for her then she asked me how much I want. It turned out great. I think it’s really how your boss trusts you.”

You begin a self-assessment of how you’ve fared in the job so far.

Another good friend of mine recalls how she was able to talk her boss into getting a raise. She said that with the satisfactory performance she has delivered during her probationary period, she thought she deserved better compensation. It turned out okay because the boss acknowledged her performance and even asked specifically how much she needs.

You think you have built good rapport with your boss that you’re confident enough to ask for a raise/promotion.

My friend Jerome Ching, an architect working in Singapore, shared his encounter with the thought of asking for a raise and here’s how it went. One day, he casually walked into his boss’ office and declared: “Let’s talk about my future.” His boss, probably knowing that day would come, smiled and let him in. And they talked about his future for an hour.

Often, this is a good thing to have when considering the points you could make for your boss to agree to a raise or a promotion. As for Jerome, he has worked double-time and multi-tasked more than a mere human being could. He has earned the trust of his boss by simply being consistent with his work, which took up 90% of his entire week. He has also been going to design school, which is sponsored by the company for career advancement and is now awaiting the much-deserved raise shortly after being promoted to a design executive.

You start to wonder what else you could be missing on to deserve a raise/promotion.

Another employee shared a predicament. He said that he knows he is ready for a “level up”, but his boss isn’t having it. He keeps asking the same question but still never gets any answer, whether it’s a yes or a no.

Many have confessed to this situation because they felt they have what it takes to earn a better compensation or title. You can’t help but think you deserve more. Of course, a prerequisite should be that you are being realistic with your performance, that numbers don’t lie and your rating isn’t bad.

If you find yourself questioning your abilities and what you deserve, it could be a signal that you are ready for career growth. Don’t let it scare you into being just the same old guy stuck in the same old job. There’s more you can do and you should aim your sight on it. Who knows? You might actually be in the running for the next higher-up position.


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