6 Things “Lowered” Car Owners Can Relate To

Nothing like “slamming” that ride to an all-time low and installing low profile tires to create that perfect head turner.

Guys (some girls too) love to lower their car’s suspension by installing lowering kits (e.g. coilovers). Ultimately, the goal is to achieve that “lowered” look or for the aerodynamics.

Taken at the first leg of Vios Cup 2017.  Yes, it’s fun to drive a lowered car, especially, if it looks like this!

But it is not all fun and games when you drive a lowered car. I’m sure that most lowered car owners would agree that there are a few disadvantages.

Here are just a few of them. Let’s start reading, shall we?

1. Fear of rain and flooded areas

Source: The Telegraph

Unless your car can transform into a hydrofoil or submarine, then flooded areas are a big no way. Imagine driving through knee high flood with a car that is 4 inches from the floor. Up periscope!

I knew someone who slept at the office when he heard that the SLEX was flooded. Lowered car or not, no one wants to have their cars flooded.

2. Speed Bumps

Speed bumps or humps are common in the Philippines. These humps are mostly seen in subdivisions, villages, main intersection, and almost every street. While these humps help stop overspeeding vehicles, it hurts lowered car as it scrapes under the car.

There is a standard size for the speed bumps but most of the time they are not followed. There is that risk of getting stuck and rocking back and forth in the middle. Additionally, there is also that delay when approaching and crossing humps: you got to drive across it from side to side like making the number 7, owners referred it to as “siete.”

3. Potholes and dirt roads

This happens when the car owner is not sure what kind of road he will encounter. So, his travel is confined to places he knows have well-paved roads. Furthermore, out of town trips that have rough roads are out of the question. A lot of potholes present in the city are avoided too. Sadly, lowered cars aren’t the ones you can just take anywhere, anytime. Unless the road you’re taking is an expressway, you have to consider heaps of things before, during, and after the ride.

4. Bumpy Ride

Lowering kits stiffens the car’s suspension making the ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Try to observe a lowered car and the driver appears to be bouncing inside the car. The number of passengers is also limited as this would add to the “bumpiness” of the car. In short, it’s like riding a horse.

5. Frequent muffler damage

Source: greasegirl.com

Since the car’s height is very low there is a huge chance that the muffler will hit the road and cause premature damage. When the muffler has been repaired and welded so many times it could easily break and it’s better to replace it. In fact, a friend of mine complained that he is at the muffler shop every week.

6. Under chassis damages

Just like the muffler, under chassis parts like the engine cowl, oil pan of the engine block, and other parts will scrape the road causing premature damage. Once you hear metal screeching the pavement then you know you will be screaming for money later on.

If you have older lowered cars, the more you need to take care of it. A mechanic once told me that old lowered cars are best driven during holidays or Sundays – when there’s no traffic at all.

These are just small sacrifices lowered car owners endure. There’s more to do to make you look and feel like Nicolas Cage or Vin Diesel when driving down the road.

Do you drive a lowered car? Did I miss anything? 

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