6 Surprising Health Benefits You Can Get From Adult Toys

Real talk: it’s hard to talk about R-rated stuff in this country. Just bringing up the subject can be a little odd for us, and the topic of adult toys is another bridge that needs to be crossed altogether.

These toys seem to be relegated into the fantasy world of raunchy comedies like The Hangover and American Pie with their outlandish features that’ll make you think, “Is someone actually going to use that?” However, they are very real and safe to use, and are a great way to spice things up. They are also surprisingly good for your health!

As we’re all grown-ups here, it’s time to take those clutches off your pearls, and learn about the health benefits these toys can bring you:

6 Surprising Health Benefits You Can Get From Adult Toys

6. They can strengthen PC muscles.

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PC muscles: important, yet vastly underrated. PC or the pelvic floor muscles help control your bladder, which can weaken with age. For women, strong PC muscles can also ease childbirth, as well as make the healing process easier. Toys like kegel balls help strengthen those muscles, which also makes the end result feel more AMAZING.

5. They can help prevent cancer.

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In men, at least. Certain toys can eliminate fluid build-up and can help blood flow in the prostate, helping prevent the risk of prostate cancer.

4. These toys put you in a good mood.

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They help release the “happy hormone” called endorphins, sending you good vibes all day long.

3. They improve blood circulation.

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Some toys are able to stimulate nerve endings, enhance blood flow and provide relief to your body. Of course, it helps you become even more of a champ when it matters, too.

2. They relieve stress.

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Doing the deed CAN relieve headaches — and these toys improve your chances of reaching the big O. These toys help release pent-up stress, slowing your heart rate, and regulating your breathing. It’s also a healthier and a more cost-effective way to let out some post-work stress instead of getting a drink at your local bar!

1. They help keep your organs healthy.

Making sure your motors are up and running requires some TLC — and we’re not just talking about keeping them clean. Regular self-lovin’ helps maintain your lady or man bits in tip-top shape and prevents infections and other reproductive problems.

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