6 Restos in Katip if You Love Kanin

Article by Camille Dominique Javier

College life isn’t easy, especially when you’re perpetually stressed with orgs and acads. Throw in petty and menial worries like finding a cheap and sulit place to fill the seemingly endless void that is your stomach, and you’ve got one hell of a grumpy student.

If you’re an adventurous eater, chances are you’ve probably scouted areas near and within your campus and have found your niche go-to eating place. But if you’re a hungry, rice-loving, sulit-searching student curious for something new and budget-friendly, then this list is for you!

Each restaurant is rated based on three factors I think students value the most: Sulit (value for money), Convenience (distance and waiting time), and Nakakabusog Rating (how filling is it?).

6 Restos in Katip if You Love Kanin

6. Ricetop Fil-Asian Comfort Food

Ground Floor, One Avisha Residences, 88 Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiceTopFilAsianComfortFood

Instagram: @ricetopcomfortfood

Sweet and garlicky – just how you like it. . : @gastronomida

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Sulit: 6.5/10

Slightly pricey for a student on budget but get the “starving” size and hello, food coma!

Convenience: 8/10

You can tell by Ricetop’s resto aesthetic that it was meant to be a go-to hangout or chill space for students in the area looking to grab a good and filling bite.

Nakakabusog: 8/10

The “starving” size is more likely to fill you up since it comes with a free drink!

5. Chomp chomp

My Place Residence, 22 Dela Rosa Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


chomp chomp

Sulit: 7/10

Also a bit pricey for students on a budget but the servings are big and filling.

Convenience: 8/10

Located along Katipunan and easily accessible, whether by car or by foot.

Nakakabusog: 8/10

Each rice meal is not only packed with deliciousness, but leaves you feeling like you ate more than what you bought—you are satisfied.

4. Wok Dis Way

Ground Floor, J & R Concon Center, 91 Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Diet Ruined 🙁

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Sulit: 8/10

Wok Dis Way has been around long enough to understand that a student on budget wants cheap prices and big servings.

Convenience: 8/10

Though in a seemingly sketchy location, Wok Dis Way isn’t so hard to find – you can literally walk this way.

Nakakabusog: 8.5/10

Fair prices and seemingly big servings? Count me in!

3. LST Cafeteria

Loyola School of Theology, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City


Sulit: 10/10

Expect one meal with rice and ulam to cost as low as Php50. WOW! Unli rice? Why not, for only Php10 per cup??

Convenience: 6/10

Unless you have a car or enjoy long walks, the LST caf will be quite a journey. It’s located at one of the most scenic yet hidden spots of Ateneo. Despite the seemingly hassle trip, the view and the food will be worth it. Tip: Ateneo offers free eJeep rides to the LST from key locations within the school.

Nakakabusog: 9.5/10

Because rice and ulam come cheap here, it’s easy to fill and fuel up that hungry stomach of yours!

2. ISO Cafeteria

ISO Complex Ateneo de Manila University Katipunan Road, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

03/30: finally tasted this “famous” sisig and tbh, it’s not bad for P80 ????

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Sulit: 9.5/10

Just like LST, the ISO caf serves affordable meals for less. Tip: they serve brown rice! #thehealthychoice

Convenience: 6.5/10

Unless you frequent Ateneo, dropping by might be out of the way. Much like LST, ISO is also located on the outskirts of AdMU grounds. Be prepared for the walk or drive, minus the scenic view. Good news though, ISO isn’t as hard to get to.

Nakakabusog: 9/10

Eat to your hearts content with more variety at cheap prices!

1. Yellowbox

President Carlos P. Garcia Ave, Quezon City

Instagram: @yellowboxriceco

Sulit: 8/10

If you’re a sucker for having more rice than ulam, then Yellowbox has gotchu fam!

Convenience: 9/10

The best part about Yellowbox is that they deliver!

Tip: Yellowbox has a minimum required order. If you’re ordering alone, be prepared to order one Regular size—which is the minimum order—otherwise, tag a friend!

Nakakabusog: 9.5/10

Rice is lyf. Nothing fills your heart (and stomach) more than having a hefty serving of rice.

Think I missed something? Comment your go-to place for the best deal rice meals!