6 Sexy Filipino Silver Foxes We’re Totally Crushing On!

Once upon a time, there was a moment when gray hair wasn’t considered “trendy.” All the people beyond their 40’s would constantly visit salons to get their graying hair back to the “youthful” black or brown color.

But alas, times have indeed changed. Now, teens and young adults would spend countless hours bleaching their hair until it’s practically dead just so they could get that perfect gray color.

Crazy, right?! But hey, gray hair looks good now. And you know what else looks good? Guys with naturally gray hair.

There are actually a lot of men who are exactly like wine–they become a lot better with time. Some of these men have been proudly flaunting their gray hair in the local entertainment industry. They know that being a “silver fox”–or a man with gray hair–is something to be proud of.

So, skip that black hair dye this month and take notes from some of the sexiest Filipino silver foxes:

6. Anthony Pangilinan

anthony pangilinanPhoto from Anthony Pangilinan’s Facebook Page

He’s a motivational speaker, a TV and radio host, a management trainer, and a productivity consultant.

This silver fox is all about helping people get the best out of their lives, and he has proven to have helped a lot through his seminars, shows and programs, and just by being active in fighting for his advocacies.

A good-looking man with a good heart!

And he’s a loving family man as well! You may know him as the father of VJ Donny Pangilinan. Yes, the good looks run in the blood.

5. James Deakin

james deakinPhoto from James Deakin’s Facebook Page

This Filipino-British silver fox is one of the top automotive journalists in the country– not just because there’s not a lot of them in the Philippines, but because he actually takes his passion to his job.

He became the host for CNN Philippines’ weekly transport show Drive in 2014 and was eventually given his own daily show called The Service Road just last year.

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James is given the important task of talking about our country’s transport issues and adding helpful commentary that actually makes a difference.

So really, thank goodness for James Deakin.

4. Freddie Webb

freddie webbPhoto from INQUIRER

You may be familiar with him because this silver fox has quite a number of titles along with his name.

Freddie Webb was a former basketball player, former basketball coach, former senator, a former congressman, and now a current actor, radio personality, and sportscaster.

That is quite the career. His resume must be a few pages long.

He’s also the father of Pinky Webb and Jason Webb–both known personalities in their respective fields.

Freddie Webb is the example of a man with many talents. Get you a man who can do everything.

3. Ronaldo Valdez

ronaldo valdezPhoto from INQUIRER

The first Filipino colonel for that fried chicken fast food chain you may have heard of. How can I leave him out of this list?

Before he was proclaiming “decrees” on fried chicken, Ronaldo Valdez was already a veteran film and television actor–and he has been for 5 decades now!

While he may be a father figure on-screen now, he was first known to be one of the hottest leading men when he started in showbiz.

Honestly, when you look at him now, you’ll definitely understand why.

2. Jim Paredes


Though he may be known best for being a member of the legendary Filipino music group APO Hiking Society, Jim Paredes is also an educator, writer, photographer, producer, and an activist.

This silver fox knows how to use his talents for his nationalistic advocacies, and he’s no stranger to fighting for what he believes in.

That’s plus 100 pogi points if you ask me.

1. Albert Martinez

albert martinez

When my friends and I were talking about this list, we all instantly agreed that Albert Martinez should be in it. I’m not really sure how to describe it, but he’s just great to look at.

He has Spanish blood so it basically explains why he looks like a leading man in one of those Latin teleseryes, or like the rich don who owns like 10 haciendas.

Albert Martinez has done countless of TV shows and movies, but he’s also a great film director and producer!

I could go on and on about what he does but I’d honestly rather just look at him. He tops this list because he rocks that gray hair and he somehow still looks young with it–which is totally unfair.

What did you think of this list? Do you know of other sexy silver foxes?

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