6 Must-Know Tips to Step Up Your Vlogs

Article by Gabriella Mercado

We live in a digital age where places and objects can easily be deemed as ‘Instagrammable‘ or aesthetically pleasing. Owning a camera and posting them online for the likes is almost close to the norm.

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Pictures of streets, foods, flatlays, and portraits are so common, almost everyone has the ‘same’ look. So what can set you apart? Mastering your craft, of course!

Whether you’re just starting in the world of videography or just want to brush up on your skills, learn these quick video editing tips from JC Gellidon, an independent photographer and film maker.

6 Must-Know Tips to Step Up Your Vlogs

6. Always be prepared.

Always be prepared and bring your essentials with you. Forgetting an SD Card could mean that you cannot take any shots that day. Borrowing a spare SD Card from a friend may be a lifesaver, but let’s be real: that doesn’t work 100% of the time.

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5. Less is More.

Having the most expensive and heaviest equipment can make you look like a pro. However, when traveling, packing light is best. Remember: you do not need a lot of equipment to deliver great results.

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4. Know your theme.

Whether you want your vlogs to be colorful, relaxing, or mostly talking about things, make sure you know your theme. Stick to a niche and focus on getting better at it. You need to find your own style. You want to avoid looking ‘generic’ and having videos that look like everyone else’s.

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3. Collaborate.

Get your name out there and widen your network by collaborating with your friends or other vloggers with the same style as you! You won’t only learn techniques from one another; you’ll also make friendships that will last.

2. Know the vibe.

You have to set the mood for your film. You need to listen the song you will be using to know when the beats drop, so that you can edit your video accordingly. To make sure you create a powerful video, you need to cut your video clips at the base of the song. It’s basically ending and starting your video clips to the 1st count of each beat.

Knowing the vibe also means applying the right colors to fit your theme. For example, if you’re focusing on a ‘chill’ vibe for your song, you could use cool blue tones and jazz hip hop music to match. Pro Tip: take video clips that are three to ten seconds long to make sure your vlog is not too repetitive.

1. Be seamless.

Learn how to pan your videos smoothly in order to have that ‘cinematic’ feel. Panning your video clips is all up to you, but the most basic one is panning from left to right and going back. Pro Tip: use a camera stabilizer to get smooth video clips all the time!

Another point to keep in mind is to learn the rules first. Learn subjects, elements, and the different types of compositions in order to find your own style. As Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

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