6 Fundamental Reasons Why Dashcams (and Road Courtesy) Matter

We write news about road accidents every day. Accidents that stem from road rage, blatant disrespect of traffic rules and simple ignorance of the law. In fact, there was a recent incident of a hit and run that went viral. The video was about an elder pedestrian crossing the street when she was suddenly struck by a motorcycle.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

We tried messaging the person who uploaded the video to verify if this happened recently and if the victim is in good condition. Sadly, he hasn’t responded yet. 

This is just one of the thousands of reasons why road courtesy is a fundamental detail to prevent accidents like this. Moreover, drivers these days have been using dash cams (dashboard cameras) as a precautionary measure to avoid accidents and/or protect themselves.

dash cams

It is said that dashcams are the cheapest form of insurance policy. You may not need it now, but it can bail you out once the need arises.

Another vital driving manner is to learn HOW to switch lanes. The usual scenario is when we signal ahead of time, they gas up (so we can’t get in). Isn’t that frustrating?! Is it really hard to flick the switch up or down?


The mere knowledge of being in the right lane or letting a car pass just might save a life. Collectively, using dash cams and practicing road courtesy will definitely prevent accidents on the road. Here’s why:

6. Proof of Evidence

Whether it’s a fender bender or a serious car accident, a dash cam will be able to record who was at fault.


In a country where road rules are full of loopholes, a driver needs as much protection as he can get.

5. Driver and Passenger Safety

Toyota Prius C

Toyota’s hybrid car, Prius C.

There are instances where the driver or passenger may behave badly. Sometimes, it’s hard to take our phones out to record, so a dash camera may come in handy.

Genuinely, the dash cam will be able to record the incident and once again, could bail out whoever is the victim.

4. Peace of Mind

Dash cams may cost an arm and a leg, especially those that are embedded in the rear view mirror.


Source: caraudiotoronto.com

But think about this: your dash cam may serve as your “guardian angel” on the road. So, better safe than sorry! Besides, it doesn’t only document what’s around you, it also captures the happenings or conversation inside the car.

3. Security

There are instances when your car is parked where people unknowingly scratches or creates a dent on your car. It could also be intentional but who knows, right? Properly installing a dash cam can also document what happens to your car while you’re not in it.

2. It helps spread awareness and alertness

Since a dash cam can send information directly to your laptop or other linked devices, you can immediately replay it and evaluate yourself as a driver OR reassess happenings that are worth sharing.


While driving with proper distance is a mandatory rule, fixing your brake lights is extremely helpful.  These lights are essential so you won’t get rear-ended. If you have dash cams, you could help report vehicles without brake lights!

Who knows you could save someone’s life or your story could bring awareness to everyone! Remember, sharing is caring!

1. It will improve the driving experience in the Philippines

Our tagline is #itsmorefuninthephilippines. I am certain it’s not about maniacal drivers, especially, Jeepneys that load and unload anytime, anywhere or cars that don’t signal at all. Let’s make it applicable to everything including the driving experience in Manila. Therefore, making the installation of dash cams mandatory is a big help to ALL motorists.

Everything will change, if everyone has the right attitude and discipline.  In time, driving would be more fun in the Philippines.

Ultimately, dashcam is a great investment for your own safety and should you require legal pieces of evidence.

If you can relate, comment or share this article. Maybe this will help raise awareness about dash cams and road courtesy in the Philippines!


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