6 Fashion Trends from the 90’s We Loved in 2016

Thanks to the millennials, 90’s was all the rage this year in 2016. We lived for #ThrowbackThursdays, 90’s memorabilia, the whole pride about being a 90’s kid, and so on.

Thus, it comes as no surprise at all that this sudden love for the 90’s has also transcended into fashion! We went crazy over the grunge look that the decade was known for. Before the year ends and another decade comes into vogue (naughties, maybe?), let’s do a recap of the biggest 90’s inspired trends we were donning everywhere.



These neck-hugging accessories that we all love to spice up our outfit these days wasn’t nvented in 2016 — remember when tattooed chokers were in style?

Flannel Shirts


Nothing says grunge like flannel shirts — and it’s a good thing that the updated version has a more modern silhouette, as opposed to the stuck-in-the-laundry-for-days look of yore.

Crop Tops


Crop tops are hands down, one of the best trends to come out of this 90s reinvention phase. It’s effortlessly sexy, chic, and versatile — pair it with a skirt, or don a flannel shirt over for that total grunge look.

Round Sunglasses

Selena Gomez

Selena is totally rocking the 90’s look by wearing four trends at once: round sunglasses, a crop top, dark lipstick, and some combat boots!

While specs can definitely be traced back to John Lennon’s time, round sunglasses were big in the 90s and they’re definitely having another moment now.

Dark Lipstick


The look that made Bobbi Brown a cult phenomenon shows that it’s here to stay. Browns and berry hues are totally hot and edgy.

Combat Boots


Who says Doc Martens ever went out of style? Yet no grunge style is ever complete without a pair of leather combat boots, whether in black or in oxblood.

What is your favorite 90’s style? Let us know!

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