6 Delectable Food Items You Can Give as Gifts for the Holidays

Who says you can only give items and material things to your friends and family for the holidays? While it’s good to fill their homes with stuff, it’s also a great idea to fill their tummies!

As we all support locally-made products this Christmas season, you also might want to consider gifting delicious food items to your loved ones. Here are a few of our recommendations:

6. Chef Reggie’s Vegan-Friendly Herbs & Spices

chef reggie

Photo from Chef Reggie

This is the perfect gift for foodies who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Chef Reggie offers a variety of vegan-friendly herbs and spices that will instantly elevate any dish you prepare. As of writing, they offer 10 kinds of herbs and spices for all kinds of dishes. Their product line includes Cajun Spice, Mesquite Rub, Herbs de Provence, and Steak Rub, to name a few. You can get the whole set of all ten herbs and spices for your friend through Shopee!

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5. Honest Junk’s Super Gummies

Honest Junk 2

Is your friend a huge fan of candy? With Honest Junk, you can nudge them into a healthier lifestyle without compromising their love for sweets. Their gummy candies are made with natural fruit juices, fortified with superfoods, and are vegan. Plus, they taste absolutely amazing. Fair warning: it can be addicting.

PS. They also have chocolate barks, cookies, and spiked gummies. You can order their products through their Shopee store.

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4. Kinoko Chicharron’s Mushroom Chicharon


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If you know how much your friends love to snack, it might be a good idea to give them a huge supply of mushroom chips from Kinoko Chicharron. These crunchy and tasty snacks are quite addicting, but it’s also entirely guilt-free. It comes in four flavors: original, spicy, garlic, and BBQ. Your friends will love that satisfying crunch and explosion of flavor with every bite.

You can order a whole set of all flavors through their Instagram account.

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3. eHarvest Corp.’s Champorado Mix


This gourmet champorado con tuyo mix from eHarvest Corp. is a great gift option for anyone who loves the classic Pinoy breakfast. Your friend won’t have to travel just to enjoy a delicious bowl of champorado. They can whip it up in their own kitchen with just a few simple steps thanks to eHarvest Corp.

The champorado mix even includes crunchy tuyo bits for that extra flavor and texture. You can get their champorado con tuyo through Shopee!

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2. Saucin’ n Spreadin’s Sauces and Spreads

Saucin’ n Spreadin’ offers a variety of gourmet and unique spreads that would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves their bread. Their spreads include the Garlickin’ Overload which makes garlic toast even easier, and the Sexy Bacon which is a sweet, savory, and smokey bacon spread. For their sauces, a must-try is the Drunken Shrooms which is made of mixed mushroom with anchovies, drunken in wine, and blended oils—great for pasta!

You can get their sauces and spreads through their Instagram account.

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1. Mamai’s Kitchen’s Gourmet Tuyo and Tinapa

DSC 0957

The gourmet tuyo and tinapa from Mamai’s Kitchen are so savory and flavorful that they’re easily one of our favorite bottled goods. It’s so deliciously crafted that you can just add it to steaming white rice or freshly cooked pasta and you’ve got yourself an instant gourmet meal. They’ve got both regular and spicy versions of the gourmet tuyo and tinapa, making it easy to enjoy for anyone.

Mamai’s Kitchen also offers a special oil-based pasta sauce featuring tuyo flakes. You can get these bottle gourmet tuyo and tinapa through their Facebook page.

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Which food item do you plan on giving your loved ones this year? Share it with us!

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