6 Classic Pinoy Dishes We Can’t Stop Thinking About Now that Christmas is Near

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes | Photos by Eunick Nobe

Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets…

Don’t we all seem to revert back into excited little kids whenever we hear the word Christmas? Now that it’s just around the corner, we can’t help but reminisce about our childhood. From the hearty family gatherings to the oh-so-memorable Noche Buena, we Pinoys have truly mastered the true meaning of Christmas.

But, let’s keep it real here. The main reason why we’re all excited for Christmas is none other than the food. Don’t even try denying it.

To us Pinoys, food is a way to showcase our love to one another. The warm and hearty meals we eat during Christmas dinners are simply proof of it. Just the scent of mom’s signature cooking is enough to make the kids come racing to the kitchen. Now speaking of dinners, here are 6 classic Pinoy dishes we can’t stop thinking about now that Christmas is near!


Who doesn’t wage an all-out war just for the crispy skin of the Lechon? I know you do. Let’s face it. This classic dish is something we all would wait in line for. Being a staple dish in Filipino celebrations, Lechon is truly a must-have for Christmas dinners because of its crispy exterior and plump and juicy interior. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

De Belly Chop Lechon 5

Filipino Style Spaghetti

To foreigners, we Pinoys would often be described as having a unique flavor palette for food. For instance, we like our spaghetti sauces sweet instead of the usual Italian tanginess. But, then again, it IS more fun in the Philippines and what else could ever scream fun other than a sweet, meaty spaghetti that’s topped with bright red hotdogs and ooey gooey cheese?

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Keso de Bola

This delicious, round cheese is well-known to be the centerpiece in many Christmas dinners. It is simply the most versatile snack you could ever ask for because you could literally pair it with anything. From savory crackers to sweet fruits, Keso de Bola has elevated each snack to a whole new level!

CDO holdiday ham queso de bola 008


This Filipino cake is best eaten straight out of the oven. Its aromatic fragrance fills the room immediately and you could almost hear the heavens singing “Joy to the World” because yes, the Lord has come to bless you with Bibingka. Simply digging your teeth into this sweet, buttery delight is enough to make you gobble the cake whole in one go.

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Puto Bumbong

When you see people selling purple rice cakes on the streets, that’s when you know it’s truly Christmas. Puto Bumbong is a delicacy that is smothered with buttery margarine and topped with grated coconut and brown sugar. You really can’t say you’ve enjoyed Christmas in the Philippines if you haven’t gotten a taste of this!

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Christmas Ham 

Last but not the least, a traditional Filipino Christmas dinner would never be complete without the presence of the ever-so-famous Christmas Ham. This juicy piece of meat presents a marriage of sweet and savory with its juicy pork and honey glazed exterior. What’s even better is that CDO Foodsphere offers a wide range of holiday hams to choose from! You can have your choice ranging from the classic CDO Premium Holiday Ham which prides itself with tender and smokey boneless whole meat or the famous CDO Jamon de Bola which envelopes authentic Spanish flavors into every bite!

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Go crazy because Christmas only comes once a year!

CDO holdiday ham queso de bola 003

CDO prides itself on quality food products that come from only the best of the best. Their meats are also certified to be of high standards such that they undergo a strict quality meat processing inspection before being delivered to the market. CDO Foodsphere also assures its customers that all CDO products are guaranteed safe from ASF because their meats are not only cleared by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) and but are also registered by the FDA.

Which of these dishes are you craving as of the moment? Let us know!