6 BTS ‘Epiphany’ Fan Theories That Will BLOW Your Mind

Words by Danielle Castillo

BTS just released a new comeback trailer Epiphany and everyone and their grandmothers are celebrating. If you’re unfamiliar with this showstopping group, they’re known throughout the industry for their jaw-dropping aesthetics and highly symbolic videos.

Reach-wise, their fans, ARMYs, are one of the most enthusiastic out there right now. From mad streaming skills to insane voting on polls, these loving fans never disappoint. However, if there’s one thing these guys are real experts at, it’s analyzing the clues in the group’s music videos and deciphering their underlying messages.

Thus, to showcase their incredible ~brain~ power (and also to help those that are just as clueless as I am), we’ve gathered some of the most mind-blowing theories that ARMYs all over the world have come up with so far.

6. Jin is doing exactly what his dad tried to do–time travel.

5. Jin erases himself because he causes disasters wherever he goes.

4. Jin is stuck in an infinite time loop.

3. It’s about healing.


2. Loving yourself despite failures


1. ARMY tears

All the rain? Tears.

If you can’t follow the theories, that’s okay! We can all just dwell on the fact that this is an exceptionally made video and that Jin has angelic vocals. Let’s just all huddle in a corner and cry because of the beauty.


The comeback trailer managed to surpass 10 million views within 24 hours. If you haven’t watched Epiphany yet, support BTS’ comeback by streaming the trailer here!

Do you have any fan theories that you’d like to share with us?


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