6 Broadway Hacks You Need to Know

Words by: Michaela Acero / Graphics by: Kathleen Yap

I love musicals, and what more iconic place to watch them than on Broadway in New York City? If you’re planning to watch a play there soon, here are some tips to make the most out of your experience!

6 Broadway Hacks You Need to Know

6. Get tickets at TKTS

Every Broadway and off-Broadway watcher’s lifesaver! TKTS is where you can get show tickets at 20-50% off! How does it work? Well, they only sell tickets for shows on the day that you buy them, or on the day after you do. I got first row tickets to Anastasia from TKTS at 40% off! Worth it!

5. Bring binoculars!

This may sound like an odd tip, but it will really help! If your seat is on the mezzanine or in the far back of the theater, binoculars (just the small and not-for-jungle-explorers kind, okay) may just be your savior. You’ll be able to get both widescreen and up close views of the show without ever having to change seats.

4. Bring snacks!

I personally like having something to munch on while watching shows and movies and surprisingly, Broadway theaters allow people to bring snacks in! Just make sure that you don’t bring in an obnoxious amount of food or any of the noisy and smelly kinds (i.e. no fried chicken, Halal Guys, looong churros, or other famous NYC street food of the like). Also, make sure to dispose of your trash properly after the show.

3. Come early (but not too early)!

Unlike concerts, you can’t (and shouldn’t) line up outside Broadway theaters for hours. Since everyone has assigned seats, crowds usually flow into the theater as soon as the doors open (around 30 minutes before show time); so to avoid the lines that may form outside, come up to 15 minutes before the show. You won’t be too early nor too late!

2. Take care of your Playbill

Your Playbill will not only be your guide to who’s who in the cast; it will also serve as your autograph book/ priceless souvenir. It might also have some details about a show that you’re planning to watch next. Be sure not to accidentally crumple and fold yours by sitting on it during the show! (Trust me, it happens.)

1. Line up outside after the show

Possibly my favorite and most recently discovered tip, lining up outside the theater after the show is a super easy way to meet your fave Broadway actors and actresses! My family and I never used to line up because we thought it would take hours; but boy were we wrong members!

Although there is no guarantee that each of the cast members will come out, waiting for around 30 minutes outside won’t do you any harm! I got to meet Lea Salonga (Once on This Island), Alex Newell (Once on This Island), Christy Altomare (Anastasia), and Zach Adkins (Anastasia) just by lining up outside!

Watching a play on Broadway will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! Let us know if you have any more tips of your own to share.


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