6 Amazing Moments With The 6 Moons

Photos by Erica Echaluce


Happiness, appreciation, and love – was what exchanged and radiated during the 6 Moons in Manila: Ascent of the New Moons fan meeting. The Thai-BL actors Ben, Earth, Joong, Nine, Pavel, and Dome, from the popular series 2Moons2, finally met their Filipino fans for the first time last January 26, 2020 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati City. The show was full of unexpected surprises both for the fans and the artists, making a lot of firsts in the history of Thai-BL shows in Manila.

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Here are six of some of the amazing moments during the 6 Moons fan meeting:

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The Ascent

True to the fan meeting’s theme, the 6 Moons grand entrance was just the first of what seemed like endless highlights of the show. When the curtain revealed the boys for their opening song, nobody expected that they would be on a second stage which also gave a closer view for the fans on the balconies. 


Also, the term ‘ascent’ fit their current status as rookies in the Thai entertainment industry who are quickly rising in terms of projects, endorsements, and reach on international followers.

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Fan services & Interactions

Lucky fans had the chance to get closer to the boys during the perks giving where they were able to interact and either had their stuff signed, took selfies, and chat with them. Some were just stunned that even the segment’s host had to remind them to calm down and make their time worth it. The boys were even helpful by asking the fans if they have more items to sign or take burst photos. Pre-selected fans also played with the artists during the game segments in the program proper.


The couples’ fan services were very much anticipated but still came as a surprise as the boys gave an all out ‘kilig’ for everyone. Hugs, teases, and even the simplest holding hands were enough to keep the energy of the audience up all throughout the show.


Fan club Projects: Goals Achieved!

The local fan clubs made their video tribute extra by recording a song whilst showing the projects they’ve done for the boys last year. It was a touching moment for everyone but when the youngest of the group, Joong, broke into happy tears – all emotions poured out. His other half in “J9”, Nine, also had tears in his eyes but it was the first time that Joong cried into any of their shows. The 6 Moons reaction showed their sincere gratitude for the passion and support from their fans.

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Ben’s Birthday Blowout

Ben was able to celebrate his birthday a day earlier with his Filipino fans and got special surprises one after another. First was from his local fan club who prepared cakes and a video greeting. Next was his on-screen partner, Earth, who actually made a hand-made gift for him the night before the show. Ben shared on how he wondered why Earth was out of their room for over an hour. But to top it all, was when his mom and sister surprised him by attending the fan meet. He turned speechless in the middle of his talk when he finally saw his family while his sister greeted him in tagalog “Maligayang Kaarawan Kuya Bentot!” and “Mahal Kita Kuya Bentot!” 


Insider: Only a few people from the organizer’s team, the Thai management, and not even the artists knew Ben’s mother and sister were coming. They were at the venue watching the show before they went to the backstage to surprise him. Kudos to the organizer and the fanclub who made it happen!

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Powerful Performances

Even before their trip to Manila, they have been posting on their IG on how much they prepared for the fan meeting by doing workshops and practices.


Pavel and Dome performed Papillon (Jackson Wang) and Perfect (Ed Sheeran) respectively, while Joong and Nine, performed I Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) and I Love You 3000 (Stephanie Poetri) as a couple. Ben and Earth were the last ones to show their sweetness as they covered Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars) and 10,000 Hours (Dan + Jay, Justin Bieber). They also danced powerfully to EXO’s The Eve and ended the show by singing along to an OPM song, Torete (Moonstar 88). Nine was known to have Filipino friends back in Thailand that’s why he knows a bit of tagalog and sang solo a part of the song.


Future projects: ECLIPSE, The Official Photobook, First Single, and 2Moons2’s Next season

The organizers announced that they are officially opening the pre-orders for the exclusive photo book of the 6 Moons in Manila under Thai Entertainment Portal. The photo shoot happened in Thailand last year which will include the three couples’ themed shoots, and group photos. The boys also announced to look forward for their first ever single together with the next season of 2Moons2 this year. 


The 6 Moons in Manila: Ascent Of The New Moons was presented by TEP Thai Entertainment Portal, in partnership with Motive Village, 2Moons2PH, and The Queen Mother Hateu.