5th Technology Parker Pens: A Stroke of Genius!

Despite technology rapidly dominating the way we communicate with one another, good ol’ hand-written letters never lose their charm. Sophisticated and ever a classic, handwritten letters will never lose their charm. And because of its growing scarcity, they are now more highly valued, considering the amount of time and effort one would put to craft such lovely letters. Nothing beats the power of the pen, and Parker, makers of some of the finest writing implements around, knows exactly how to push the envelope of elegant writing. This is seen in their latest line of specialty pens, known as the 5th Technology(Photos by Isabel Rodriguez of sisasaid.blogsot.com)



5th Technology Pens by Parker

Parker has recently launched a line of pens that brings forth the next generation of pens, featuring a marriage of the convenience of a ballpoint pen, and the luxury of a fountain pen. Known as the 5th Technology, Parker’s latest line of pens mark the newest advancement in fine writing, which have been provided by innovations such as the fountain pen, the ball-point pen, the roller ball, and the mechanical pencil.



The 5th Technology line of Parker pens offers a seamless and effortless writing experience.

They are guaranteed to glide smoothly on paper at the very first stroke, which eliminates the need to scribble a good few times before getting a steady ink flow. They are also made to work in various conditions. Ever considered how your environment would affect your writing? Well, this pen manages to work well from a plane high up in the air to the desert, as 5th Technology pens are tested in an altitude test chamber in France. All these features wrapped up in a sleek and stylish no-nonsense casing, and an exceptionally elegant pen tip. The 5th Technology range of pens are ideal for those who have a keen appreciation for tastefully crafted items.




The Parker 5th Technology pens add just that extra flourish to make your writing more pleasant. It takes the experience of putting pen to paper to an entirely new level, and somehow gives greater depth to the age-old activity of writing. Hey, you hardly get to do it these days anyway, might as well make each writing encounter a remarkable one.



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5th Technology Parker Pens: A Stroke of Genius!


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