5-year-old Filipino Kid memorizes all Jeepney Route Codes

On August 27, a video showing a 5-year-old who apparently seems like he has already mastered the jeepney routes and codes where he could most likely direct you to anywhere if you ask him.

collage boy 5 memorizes jeepney code cebu

The Facebook video posted by the 5-year-old boy’s godmother shows that he could give you directions to anywhere in Metro Cebu using the jeepney codes he knows.

Watch the video below courtesy of Jewish Araneta Merin:


In the video, a woman asks the boy in Cebuano: “If I need to go to Talamban, what should I ride?”

Then, the boy answers by giving her 6 options while he is playing his mobile game, he says: “13C, 13B, 62C, 62B, 13H, 13I.”

Afterward, the woman also asks him for location routes where he answers back with conviction and assurance of the names of the routes and jeeps she could transfer to.

As of writing, the video has garnered over 44,000 views, 800+ reactions, and 700+ shares.

Could you memorize all the Jeepney codes at the age you are right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!