5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair

5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair

What will it take for you to turn heads, to catch the eye of that one woman you can’t keep your eyes off? It begins with confidence, gentlemen. Confidence that radiates in the way you look, the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself.

Thinking big and winning big entails a total package. That includes great hair. Whether you have been blessed with a thick mane, or genetics has started to have its way with your locks, know that lifestyle factors can also affect the hair loss condition. You may not realize it, but the way you live could be hurting your hair.

Here are 5 ways your lifestyle may cause hair loss.

5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair

5. Unhealthy eating habits.

Eating right is the key to living well. A balanced diet benefits your hair by providing nutrients that it needs to grow and stay healthy. Getting enough lean protein, Vitamin D from fresh orange juice, whole grain cereal and milk, and Vitamins B, C and E, help keep your hair strong.

4. Lack of exercise.

Exercise is important in hair growth because it boosts circulation. Good health overall also means improved scalp health. Working out several times a week will not only have you looking good, but feeling great, too.

3. Smoking.

Yes, you may look ruggedly handsome holding a cigarette, but know that cigarette smoke can cause hormonal imbalance, thus interfering with the hair growth cycle. It also damages the blood vessels that supply your hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients, leading to hair thinning.

2. Excessive alcohol intake.

Alcohol in moderation has been proven to benefit your body in many ways. However, indulging in too many drinks lowers iron levels in your system, and iron deficiency is one cause of hair loss. Go easy on the partying and your hair will thank you later.

1. Poor hygiene.

When dirt and oil builds up on your scalp, it causes pore clogging and, eventually, hair follicle damage. Clean your hair well, especially after exposure to pollution. Also make sure to completely wash off hair gel and other styling products that you may have used.

Urbane founder, Andrew Baltazar, has developed both a product and a lifestyle for early hair loss prevention and treatment. Urbane is a natural hair loss prevention tonic for the empowered man. It is a cocktail of 100% natural ingredients, comprised of active herbal ingredients and vitamins, which combats the culprit of genetic hair loss. Thus, this promotes the hair cell growing phase for thicker hair fibers and longer follicle life. The Urbane Lifestyle is one that Andrew himself lives by. It involves a set of grooming principles, proper nutrition and exercise, and healthy living overall. It also entails a mindset shift towards confidence and self-assurance, which lies at the core of a true Urbane Man.

5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair Urbane

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5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair Urbane

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5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair Urbane

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5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Hurting Your Hair

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