5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life

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Certified Calm, a premier one-stop lifestyle shop that caters to quality luxury gear and apparel for fitness activities, celebrated International Yoga Day last June 21 with Rockwell Atletica and Bliss Yoga.


Entering Rockwell Atletica, I felt kind of nervous and pressured seeing everyone in their yoga attire ready to do the routines prepared by Teacher Isabel Nava. It was kind of intimidating to see the fit attendees so prepared to do some yoga.

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Thankfully, when the yoga class started, Teacher Isabel’s calming voice helped me relax throughout the entire session. She also assisted everyone with their positions and formations. Overall, the session gave me a relaxing kind of tiredness.

Vinsaya Flow Yoga isn’t easy and for someone who was just trying it out for the first time, it was definitely a challenge for me. Despite struggling with some positions, though, Vinsaya Flow yoga definitely helped me ease up, release my tension, and radiate positivity.

Yoga is not just your typical exercise. It is a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that will teach you to be more peaceful and calm. There are also different types for you to choose from, like Vinsaya Flow, Hatha, and Raja Yoga. Here are some reasons why you should look into it now.

5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life

5. It can help you change your bad habits.


Yoga won’t just strengthen your body physically, but it will also help you strengthen inner self to make a lifestyle change. “TAPAS” is the fire that helps you become disciplined during your yoga practice. When done regularly, it will develop to help you change the dysfunctional habits in your life. In other words, you’ll have an easier time switching to a healthier lifestyle.

It will increase your flexibility.

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It’s not like you need to be flexible, but it wouldn’t hurt to get all of your bones and muscles working. Yoga doesn’t just help you to be calm and relaxed; it is also a good way to exercise your body without exerting too much effort.

3. It’s good for your respiratory system.


Living in the city means getting your daily dose of air pollution wherever you go, especially if you commute. It is not healthy for your lungs to breathe in pollution everyday and of course, with our busy lives, we really don’t get regular access to clean fresh air. Well, doing yoga will help you improve your respiration and breathing. It will clear your lungs of the dirty air and give you access to inhale cleaner, more positive air.

2. You can lose weight when doing yoga.

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Of course, this will depend on your body type and lifestyle, but yoga can help you lose weight. When I used to attend yoga classes regularly, I lost quite a number of pounds without doing any other type of exercise. I just did yoga every morning and reminded myself to eat healthier meals. Voila! Goodbye, excess pounds!

1. It reduces stress and clears your mind.


I have experienced this firsthand. See, I am an overthinker. Small imperfections usually stress me out (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work) and it takes a toll on me because it annoys me and makes me anxious. When I do yoga, I let go of all of my thoughts, especially the negative ones.

I just focus on hearing my breath, clearing my mind, and of course, letting all the positive energy around me come enter my body. No stress pill can do what yoga does for your body. It helps you reduce stress, in turn improving your relationship with yourself and with other people.


If you are planning to give yourself some self-love, I suggest doing yoga regularly. All you have to do is get some comfortable mats and blocks to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I got to try the Manduka mat and block for the first time on International Yoga Day and it helped a lot during the Vinyasa class.

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I am now planning to commit to do more yoga myself. It is such a flexible exercise that you can practice basically anywhere. With the help of some apps, anyone can do yoga in the comfort of their own homesm so you don’t need excuses to try it out and see all of its benefits.

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