5 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

Article by Katrina Tan / Video by Mark Anastacio / Graphics by Sophia Teaño

Tired of the same outfit and in need of some inspiration? Fear not because we’ve got you covered! Spice up your wardrobe and paint the town red. Here are 5 ways to wear your little black dress:

5 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

5. Color Pop

Scarves come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Don’t sleep on them— they’re more than just to accessorize or to use when it’s cold out. When paired correctly, you can get yourself a great outfit. Put on a light scarf for a pop of color!

Patterns, prints, or plain— do what your heart tells you to do (as long as it matches the occasion and outfit, of course). This is great for everyday errands or a day out with the barkada – casual and fun!

4. Meetings

Running late for a meeting? No problem! Just throw on a sheer blazer and a pair of cool flats and you’re good to go.

Never forget the power of accessorizing, either. Don’t be shy; grab a silver necklace and a stylish body bag to add a little character to your outfit. Strut into your meeting and own it – a basic dress with an office twist.

3. Athletic Chic

Athletic chic is still in, so take it and run with it. Need a few tips on how to pull it off? Check out one of our articles, 3 Ways to Pull Off the ‘Sporty Chic’ Look.

No time for that? Put on a bomber jacket and a pair of sneakers and call it a day. This look is a great day-to-da look – a simple but fashion-forward approach to simple things.

2. Easy day-to-night look

Not enough time on your hands to change your outfit completely? No worries— put on a vest, a simple necklace, and your favorite boots, and you’re ready for a night out in the town.

Here’s a little tip: use colors other than black for your vest to add a little more life to the outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, either. Remember: most colors go with black, so feel free to go wild to properly express yourself.

1. Tropical Flair

When you think of tropical patterns, your first thought is probably those Hawaiian shirts you see foreigners wear in movies. Well, cast those images away and show people what tropical patterns are really like: fun, fresh, and bright.

Match your dress with a fun, tropical cover-up, a pair of statement earrings (check out a few of our other outfits and what earrings we paired with what), and a native bag – nationalism and fashion all rolled into one!  

That’s 5 ways to wear your little black dress. Stay updated and watch out for our next style article!


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