5 Ways To Stay Dry In Style During The Rainy Season

The rainy season is here, which means we are going to see more wet days than dry ones! Especially here in Manila, the rainstorms can bring so many inconveniences– flooding, even more unmanageable traffic, and wet clothes and shoes! While the rain can be a hassle to your everyday schedule, it shouldn’t let your spirits down and impede your sense of style. Here are 5 ways to stay dry in style during the rainy season!

5 Ways To Stay Dry In Style During The Rainy Season

5. Invest in a good raincoat.

how to stay fashionably dry

Raincoats are the best way to keep you and your clothes dry, especially from the unpredictable rain patterns we experience these days! There are different kinds of stylish raincoats– you can choose from classic trench coats and parkas, to fashionable rain ponchos that you can even coordinate with your outfit.

4. Sweaters are in this season!

5 ways to stay fashionable during rainy weather

The great thing about the rainy season is that it’s perpetually sweater weather, so be prepared to take out those hoodies and pullovers you stashed away during the hot summer days.

3. Cute boots or galoshes are your best friends.

5 ways to stay fashionably dry during rainy weather

Who says rain boots have to be in tacky colors? There are now a host of stylish designs to choose from, especially when you’re braving a heavy outpour or worse, a flood. Depending on how strong the rain is and the dress code you follow in school or at work, you can either go for a cute printed rain boot, or galoshes, which are outer footwear that are made out of rubber, that you use to protect your everyday shoes.

2. Be sure to get a good, sturdy umbrella.

how to stay fashionably dry during rainy weather

1. Know where to hang out when the rain pours!


Of course, when the rain gets too heavy, sometimes it can be too daunting or plainly impractical to brave the rain and risk getting wet. If staying at home is too boring for you, know where to hang out when it’s pouring like cats and dogs! Quiet, cozy cafes are always a good place to stay and chill during rainy days– the ambiance is perfect for reflecting and getting work done, and you can always watch raindrops fall on the window pane, hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand. There are tons of coffee shops conducive for working, like these chic coffices.