5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe


We spend half of our lives at work, and the other half at home. We work hard to keep our family safe and buy what we want and need. The amount of crime that goes on in Manila is so high that we need to take extra precautions to keep our home safe. It’s not enough to have two locks on the gate. On top of that, you also have to keep your home safe from hazardous chemicals. Because Filipinos are naturally caring and family-oriented, we want to make our homes happy and protected.


Here are 5 ways to keep your home safe:


5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe


5. Security guard

A good way to keep your home safe is to hire a security guard. That way, you’ll have someone present to protect the house. Security guards scare off potential robbers because they are armed, and they also fight back. The downside is: you have to pay them monthly.


5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe 2


4. Alarms

There are all sorts of alarms you can use to protect your home. Security alarms will require you to key in a code every time you enter. If you key in the wrong code several times in a row, an alarm will go off. A smoke alarm will ring off if it detects smoke. Because these are machine-operated, they are much more reliable than people and will sound off the second they detect that something is wrong.


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3. AICA wall panels

Another way to keep your home safe is to use wall panels. Wall panels are like boards that you can attach to your walls, which you can use to redesign an entire room or parts of it. Wall panels come in different designs, and are more convenient than paint or wallpaper because it is simply glued to the wall.

But how can wall panels keep your home safe? AICA Cerarl’s panels are fireproof, anti-microbial, sustainable, and made with green construction materials. They are also the world’s thinnest. The AICA Cerarl wall panels are popular in Japan, and are used in the Tokyo Tower, all train stations, and all UNIQLO branches.


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CCTVs are very helpful. Just take a look at all of the footage found of people doing bad things like stealing. A CCTV is a good idea if you want 24/7 surveillance on your house. It might not catch the person who breaks into your house, but you’ll have a record of his face that you can then submit to police. Just make sure your video is in HD.


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1. Dog

A dog is the best way you can protect your home, for many reasons. Dogs are alert and can sense people right away. They bark at strangers, which will alert you even before anyone tries to break into your home. They can also detect smoke and fire. They will play with you. And they will forever be loyal. As the old saying goes: dogs are man’s best friend.


What other tips do you have to keep your home safe? Share your tips with us!



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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe