5 Ways on How to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

5 Ways on How to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I bet you’re already whipping up surprises for your mom. Yeah, it can be challenging but it is fun as well, whether you do it alone or with your siblings.

My brothers and I love surprising our “Mama” on Mother’s Day (actually, even on her birthday). We really enjoy doing it. Nothing beats seeing her smile (and sometimes, seeing tears of joy fall down her cheeks because when that happens, we know we did it right).

If you’re out of ideas, I’ll let you borrow some of our tricks. These are not the grandest of gifts, but the surprise factor is high and will definitely paint a smile on your mom’s face because this is how you connect for real.

5. Pay her a surprise visit


This weekend, I’m visiting my mom and she’s totally clueless about it. I live far from home and I rarely go home so this will come as a surprise. Last night, I was already teasing her where she and my dad will go on Mother’s day. She has no idea that I’m driving home for the weekend. I can’t wait to see her reaction when I come knocking and she opens the door.

4. Shower her with her favorite food

My mom loves chocolate so she’s getting a lot of that this Mother’s Day. Although she may be expecting that from us, it still never fails to make her smile whenever we give her a bar or two. Moist chocolate cake is also more than welcome for her.

3. Date her


Since me going home is already a surprise for her, I’m raising the bar by dating her. I know that my mom loves shopping and getting pampered so that’s where I’m bring her – the mall. We’ll probably get her a new haircut, some skin treatment, and a new wardrobe. I know it doesn’t need to be expensive because she’ll appreciate more of the time I spend with her, bonding over some quality time at the mall.

Of course, it’s not a date without food. She’s easy to please when it comes to dining so I think I got all bases covered already.

2. Have some heart to heart talk

This is one of the best days to play catch up with mom. Ask her how she’s been, what she’s been up to lately, and what are plans in the coming days. Volunteer to go with her if she plans to go out one of these days.

Also, tell her about the things you’ve been up to lately. Update her about what’s happening in your life. Ask her for advice. She’ll definitely like that.

1. Give her a kiss and tight hug

Whenever our mom asks us what our gift to her is (even if it’s not Mother’s day), our default answer is “kiss!”

She then proceeds to say, “and kuripot niyo…”

But still she gushes whenever we kiss and hug her. Icing on the cake, we tell her we love her while we hug her tight.

As you can see, surprising mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive. The grandest of gestures come from the littlest of things like just visiting her, spending time with her, or saying “I love you”. If you connect for real, even the tiniest actions are appreciated.

Take a look at this heartwarming video from PLDT Home and how this mom got her surprise. Again, the secret is to #ConnectForReal.


So, aside from these surprises, are there anything else you’re doing for your mom this Mother’s Day?