5 Ways this Co-Working Space is Changing the Game (and Why You Should Take Notice)

Written by: Danelle Go / Photography by: Kathleen Yap

The time we are currently living in marks somewhat of a Philippine renaissance. Now more than ever, international businesses and start-ups are keeping their eye on the Philippine market because of what we have to offer in terms of workers, networking, and innovation.

At the forefront of this renaissance is Penbrothers. Run by co-founders Guilherme Faria and Nicolas Bivero, Penbrothers aims to create intelligence and serve as a collaborative home for start-ups through the dynamic services they offer. Early in May, they launched their 8th and newest location in Rockwell Sheridan in Mandaluyong.

This new office marks the first in the northern side of the Metro and it comes with several amenities designed to meet the needs of their clients.

With this and many more feats under their belt, here are a few reasons Penbrothers is innovative, ideal, and game-changing.

5 Ways this Co-Working Space is Changing the Game (and Why You Should Take Notice)


Co-founders Nicolas Bivero (left) and Guilherme Faria (right)

5. They aren’t just a start-up; they are an avenue for start-ups.

In the words of Penbrothers Co-Founder Guilherme Faria, “We found that our community of startups require more than just a working space, they need added value services to make their operations in the Philippines easier. We want to be a one stop shop and a collaborative home for dynamic companies from across the globe.” With their fresh approach and proactive mentality, it’s needless to say that Penbrothers has established a recognizable name in the startup community.

4. Their offices are creative, modern, and unique.

Penbrothers’ Rockwell Sheridan office boasts of several private offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and even a large event space that can hold a capacity of up to 100 people. These beautifully designed spaces, plus the high speed WiFi and other amenities, all aim to create an environment conducive for working. Because these office spaces are created with a modern twist, it’s no wonder clients are lining up to take advantage of this incredible space.

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Penbrothers launches their office space in Rockwell Sheridan

3. Their services are innovative, helpful, and engaging.

In addition to their modern working spaces, Penbrothers also provides talent acquisition/human resources, recruitment, and payroll and legal assistance. With the addition of these aspects to the work they do for startups, Penbrothers has begun to play an essential role in employing young Filipino talent for a wide variety of clients. This allows them to meet the needs of customers, while staying true to their own core mission of fostering working Filipinos.


2. They work with a better Philippines in mind.

In their newest office, Penbrothers has accommodated 300 seats, representing the 300 jobs held by Filipinos from the various customers of Penbrothers. All in all, Penbrothers has 900 seats in its 8 offices (so far) and continues to work towards giving talented Filipinos the opportunity to work for international companies without having to leave the country.

1. They just keep on growing!

In the past three and a half years that Penbrothers has been active, they have established eight collaborative working spaces, and partnered with over 50 startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Now that their newest location is up and running, the goal is now to continue expanding, maybe even outside of the Metro, in order to provide opportunities and expand their network. Given what they have been able to do in such a small span of time, there is no telling what they can accomplish in the coming years.



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