5 Trendy New Hobbies You Can Learn This Year

It’s out with the old and in with the new.

It’s time to move forward and finally take that step towards a better version of you. And I’m not just talking about being healthier or happier or letting go of the toxic baggage of last year. Sometimes, all we need is to simply just invest in ourselves.

This year, challenge yourself to be a better person–not just emotionally, mentally, or physically, but also in the aspect of skills and knowledge. Why not learn something new this year?

You don’t even have to learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument. Even picking up a new hobby can cause a great change in your lifestyle.

Here are a few new hobbies you can learn this year:

5. Soap Making

Many people nowadays have gone into creating their own soaps, because really, it’s a lot better to take a bath when you know exactly what you’re rubbing all over your body. Soap making, aside from being very therapeutic (imagine being surrounded by relaxing oils and scents all the time) has a lot of benefits such as being able to create soaps that are perfect for your body’s needs and being able to personalize it according to your own liking.

Plus, you can be sure that it’s all safe.

4. Calligraphy

In case you haven’t noticed, calligraphy is all the rave nowadays, and I totally understand why. Imagine just having a pen and paper and being able to create something that can soothe the eyes and the soul.

Even just watching calligraphy can be very relaxing! It’s something that can definitely be learned by anyone who has the patience and passion for it.

3. Polymer Clay

If you love creating stuff with your hands, polymer clay might be something you’d like to explore–especially if you love miniature stuff.

With polymer clay, your sculptures are baked and can be turned into all kinds of ornaments. People use it to create their own fashion accessories, ref magnets, and even accents for the house!

A kid can literally do it. So, if you’re a mom or dad with a knack for creating things, why not try polymer clay with your kids and make it a bonding experience as well?

2. Bartending

Bacardi UMIX Bartending Competition for Students

If drinking is your passion, this hobby can make it easier for you to enjoy your passions. There are bartending workshops all over the Metro–you just have to be patient in looking for ’em. This hobby can also allow you to experiment with the drinks that you love and ultimately have your own signature drink! Imagine the possibilities.

1. Macrame Wall-Art Making

Macrame is the art of creating decorative articles through patterns in knot-tying. Macrame workshops are held in various art studios and art communities all over the Metro. It just might be the next big thing in handcrafts!

You’ve learned a new hobby and created a hip new decor for your home! A definite win if you ask me.

Found a new hobby you’d like to try? Share it with us!

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