5 Top New Year’s Resolutions and How to Actually Achieve Them

It’s the time of year when we make resolutions for the new year. A new year means a fresh start, where we can forget the mess that was 2017 and start anew. While many people fail with their new year’s resolutions, this time will be different. We’ll help you actually achieve them, with simple tips that are easy to do.

Before we get started, let us share with you something that can help you kick off 2018 to a good start. Make sure you that your resolution is SMART. Keep it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. By adhering to these five steps, you can get started on your new goal, whatever it is.

We compiled the 5 top New Year’s resolutions, along with ideas on how to actually pull them off:

1. I want to save money

The timeless advice of putting 20% into your savings account really works, so stick to it. To enforce this rule, you can open a new savings account in a bank where you can set this aside. If you’re feeling extra, you can open another account for non-essential expenses like coffee, movies, and eating out. You can also try one of those 52-week challenges where you save a certain amount each week. By the time the end of the year comes, you’ve saved quite a lot.

2. I want to lose weight

People have said that the best way to get started on your fitness journey is to find your motivation. Once you’ve figured out why you want to shed the pounds, you’ll be more inclined to stay on track. Find a routine that you actually enjoy, like jogging, zumba, or yoga.

The road to fitness also includes food so it’s important to take that into account. Instead of depriving yourself of your favorites, introduce better alternatives. If you like chips, get kale chips. If you enjoy beer, you can get a low-calorie beer like the San Mig Zero, which has the low calories, low carbs, and zero sugar.

3. I want to be more productive at work

Start the day by knowing your goals and allotting time for each of them. Setting self-imposed deadlines also helps. Multitasking may be an enviable trait, but studies have shown that working on too many things at the same time can impair performance.

Also, stop going on social media and just finish your work. Turn off notifications.

4. I want to have more time to socialize

The one thing that stops us from becoming more sociable is laziness. How tempting is it to just say “no” to an invite and stay in to watch movies and TV? If you want to see more of your friends often, just do it. You can even go the extra mile by organizing get-togethers instead of waiting for an invite. Set up a dinner at a trendy restaurant or go to that new bar. To make socializing more exciting, grab a few bottles of beer, which can encourage conversations and good times. We recommend San Mig Light for a low-calorie option, San Miguel Pale Pilsen for a rich and full-bodied flavor, or San Miguel Flavored Beer with exciting fruity flavors of apple or lemon.

5. I want to get more sleep

We found the same culprit for everyone’s lack of sleep: social media. Endless scrolling and the blue light emitted from gadgets can prevent us from getting shut-eye, so it’s a good idea to go offline a few hours before bedtime. It’s also great for your mental health as the internet can be a toxic and negative place. Go to sleep and wake up the same time every day so your body clock can get used to it. Trust us, you’ll wake up feeling fresh.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and soft music will definitely help.


Whatever your resolution is, it’s important to celebrate small victories. Pair your wins with San Miguel Beer, the standard of beer in the Philippines. There are nine variants perfect for everyone: San Miguel Pale Pilsen with a world-renowned full-bodied flavor; San Mig Light, a low-calorie beer with full flavor; San Miguel Flavored Beer, a fruit-flavored beer in two exciting fruit flavors – lemon and apple; Red Horse Beer, a world-class extra-strong beer; Cerveza Negra, a dark beer with rich, caramel undertones; San Miguel Super Dry, a brilliant light amber lager with crisp, dry taste and elegant quick finish, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer with a well-rounded malty flavor combining the smooth, full flavored slightly sweetish, well balanced bitter taste; Gold Eagle Beer which is moderately light bodied yet flavorful; and San Mig Zero with lowest calories and lowest carbs.

These beers are perfect for treating yourself as they’re guaranteed fresh, which means you can taste every flavor. There’s a brewery in every major city in the Philippines, including Davao, San Fernando, Bacolod, Laguna, Cebu and Valenzuela. For 2018, it’s all about #FreshYearFreshSanMiguelBeer.


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