5 Tips to Get a Body Like Gerald Anderson

You know what the month of March means? Getting that #summerbod ready before Mr. Sun comes in full blast.

I don’t know about you, but a body like Gerald Anderson is worth gushing over and definitely an excellent choice for a ‘fitspiration’, especially since he maintained his body for the LA marathon tomorrow. If you agree, then you’re in luck. We got to talk to Gerald Anderson on how to keep the body and mind on track to get the best results (aka how to get a body like he does). Get your pens out and take notes to achieve that #beachbod2017!

All photos were taken at Nobu Gym, Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila.

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5 Tips to Get a Body Like Gerald Anderson

5. Run.

Don’t run away from your #beachbod2017 goals! Run to achieve your body goals!

Running is one of the best routines you can follow and its benefits span for a lifetime. The best part is that you’ll get to exercise your mind, too! It lets you contemplate about the coming week you’re going to face, bills you need to pay and your diet plan for the week (if any).

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4. Manage your diet RIGHT.

Make sure to eat the RIGHT food. Before deciding on which diet to get into, know the purpose of why you’re getting into it. If you’re leaning towards getting those gainz, then eat a lot of protein. Do you want a lean body? Are you preparing for a triathlon? Every goal has a corresponding diet plan.

Eat the right food for the right goal.

I know some of you are wondering if it’s okay to have a cheat day? Gerald definitely thinks it’s fine (on some occasions, he celebrates his cheat day with steak or jap food!). Before you start thinking about what pizza flavor you want to order, remember that control is key (and that steak and jap food are also options).

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3: Be consistent.

You know how, after Christmas, you tend to start a fitness program as part of your New Year’s resolution? You start being active during the first three days. Give it two weeks and then your fitness program starts receding to a “Next time nalang ako mag-eexercise“. Yep, that cycle almost never ends but Gerald tells you that keeping your program up and running is important. Get your body accustomed to routines or have next-level activities ready that will improve your current stance.gerald 8

2. Call a friend.

It’s better when you know you’re not suffering ALONE. Kidding aside, having a gym partner or workout buddy helps you in many ways. When you feel the burnout, you’ll have somebody to push you to keep going. You can always have that friend rate your performance, too. Besides, just having a companion makes anything worthwhile. Plus, you won’t have to carry gym equipment alone!

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Check out @andersongeraldjr on Instagram to find out who is workout partner is!

1. Focus on performance.

What he meant by this is not to do it merely for vanity’s sake, but really for fitness’  sake. Challenge yourself by going for that extra mile and adding on that extra weight plate to really get the essence of what performance is. We all know getting a body like Gerald Anderson is the dream, but if you align your routines with his, you could get his body someday, too!

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What do you think of Gerald’s workout tips? Got any of your own to add?

Photos by: Art Dalumpines (IG:@artfdalumpines)

Video by: Liezl Pineda (IG:@liezl_pineda)