5 Times Mount Pulag Proved to be an Instagram-Worthy Destination


It wouldn’t be called the “playground of the gods” if it was not for its heaven-like scenery when you reach the summit. Mount Pulag is undeniably one of the most visited mountains in the Philippines. Its easy-trail via Ambangeg, also known as the “artista trail” to many, will only take you an eight-hour hike to summit and back compared to its other trails where it will take you days to finish its traverse.

Climbing Mount Pulag has been in demand these days. And there are numerous evidences through photos posted on Instagram that showcases the beauty of the mountain. Don’t you just get jealous when you see those photographs? Don’t you want to visit Mount Pulag right away? Here are five reasons why Mount Pulag is an Instagram-worthy destination that needs to be on your bucketlist.

WATCH: Mountaineers Capture Footage of Mount Pulag’s Sea of Clouds


5. Majestic view

Once you reach the first summit, the first thing you’d want to do is to bring out your camera and take photos of the captivating view there. And, really, it is majestic.


4. Rich in nature

Everything Mount Pulag offers is purely nature. It is home to some of the nation’s rarest and most endangered species of flora and fauna. It is the natural habitat of the endemic Dwarf Bamboo and the Benguet pine which dominates the areas of Luzon tropical pine forests found on the mountainsides.


3. Beautiful sunrise

One of the best reasons why Mount Pulag is Instagram-worthy? Its magical sunrise. Get to the peak early and, if you’re lucky, you might witness this true beauty.


2. Clean environment

Mount Pulag offers you an opportunity to appreciate the goodness of the land. This is where you realize that natural beauty, such as of our Philippine mountains, cannot and should not be taken for granted.

The park is well-maintained by the DENR and the locals, but visitors passing through should play their part in protecting the mountain, too.


1. The “sea of clouds”

What else could number one be? Mount Pulag is most prominent for its famous “sea of clouds” that you can view at the summit. It is like heaven on earth. No view can just be as surreal as this.

There could be a hundred reasons as to why Mount Pulag is the best Instagram-worthy destination. The mountain has just to much to offer. Do you have Instagram-worthy photos taken in Mount Pulag, too? Share your IG accounts and let’s give each other a thumb’s up. Here’s mine: @belleofjune