5 Things You Missed at Greyson Chance’s “Portraits” Album Tour

2019 saw a slew of performances as international artists gathered and performed here in Manila. One of those great performers is pop sensation and Greyson Chance, here on his ‘Portraits’ World Tour. Performing at the Eastwood Mall Open Park last July 28, we got the ‘chance’ to meet the young pianist/singer/songwriter singing his heart out for his avid fans.

5 Things You Missed at Greyson Chance’s “Portraits” Album Tour

5. Greyson’s surprise ‘soundcheck’

Fans got a taste of the show proper when Greyson showed up to ‘soundcheck’ his piano, performing his debut-single ‘Waiting Outside The Lines’ to the crowd waiting in line to get in. Knowing that the crowd was eager to hear more, he followed it up with the song ‘Seasons’, a song about moving forward, just as seasons do.

4. A guest performance from Joyce Pring

As the show properly started, a special guest performance from Joyce Pring warmed up the crowd. She performed Baka Sakali and Alone Together, a collab with her brother, DJ Victor Pring.

3. The crowd’s reactions

Fans were instructed to show their love and support by forming a Pride Flag out of colored paper.

Fans that came from Germany and Guam to Tarlac and Isabela lined up at 4AM.

2. Greyson’s amazing setlist

Talented as he is, what shines through Greyson Chance is his humility towards the people who shower him with praise. This is also reflected in his album ‘Portraits’ as it perfectly represents his young journey in the music scene. As described by Billboard, it is “sleek, synthpop journey through Chance’s previous relationship, exploring themes of heartbreak and loneliness”. The show started with ‘Seasons Nineteen’, a slight vocal variation from the one performed earlier.

The next track, titled ‘Low’, got all of his fans singing in unison. He followed it up with the song ‘More Than Me’, a song that resonated to most, if not all, who heard it. The way Greyson Chance captivates the crowd in a playful, nonchalant manner is what makes him an artist loved by many. In-between songs, he sipped on what appeared to be white wine while entertaining the audience.

In the middle of the set, he borrowed a Pride Flag from an audience member and proudly waved it in front of the mass. After that, he sang ‘White Roses’, ‘Lakeshore’ and his newest single from the album ‘Portraits’, ‘Shut up’.

1. The album signing + photo op

Out of 250 albums sold at the event grounds, 100 participants got the chance to greet the singer since the albums had random Meet & Greet cards inside them. Talk about luck!

Eagerly lining up for the greets, Greyson agreed on narrowing it down to two to four fans per picture.

Do not fret if you didn’t get the chance to see Greyson Chance in person. Rumor has it that there will be a full production for him this coming 2020. While we wait for that, be sure to buy ‘Portraits’ out in stores now.


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