5 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Wrong with Your Social Media Content

Social Media is a vast playground for brands and marketers to create, experiment with, and share different kinds of creative and informative content. However, the social media landscape and people’s behavior online are constantly changing that you need to know how to properly optimize your content to stay relevant. Thanks to seminars like Social Media Week Manila, we get to stay on top of the trends and improve how we craft and tell our stories. This year, we learned that there are some things most of us are probably doing wrong when it comes to creating our social media content.

Here are five of them!

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5. Not making use of LinkedIn

According to reports, LinkedIn has recorded 260 Million active users, which is more than half of the total registered users as of March 2017. It was also found that it performs 277% better than Facebook and Twitter in converting leads, and contributes as much social traffic to B2B blogs and websites as Facebook and Twitter combined!

What’s more, 62% of LinkedIn members engage with the content they see on the platform because they found it relevant. It only makes sense to maximize LinkedIn in obtaining organic reach for your business! However, don’t just merely “copy-and-paste” content from your other social media platforms; personalize what you’re posting by knowing what people are searching and talking about, and make sure that your posts are more relevant in the business context.

4. Not aligning content with people’s beliefs

Right now, people are more concerned with where a business stands and how it contributes to society. More and more consumers want to see content that aligns with their beliefs—advocating good causes, fighting for people’s rights, and contributing to socio-political conversations online without exploiting people to drive home a point.

No longer do people want brands to be neutral to current issues. They want their voices to be heard and for brands to help make the change people want to see in the world. And it’s crucial that brands are authentic about it instead of faking progressiveness. As long as your brand is truly making an effort to help fight for what is just, people will believe in you.

3. Overthinking your story

Nothing good ever comes out of overthinking. While it pays to plan well the story you’ll tell, you shouldn’t worry so much about the nitty-gritty details. The only thing you have to do to be confident with the content you put out is to be ORIGINAL in such a way that you create what ONLY YOU can create—and that is through finding stories only you can tell using your own voice. Be authentic and real! Focus on your story and believe in it.

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2. Not posting when your content is relevant

It’s not anymore about the time you’re posting content; it’s about posting when your content is relevant to your audience. Yes, it’s still effective to keep track of the best times during the day to post your social media content for maximum engagement, but it’s just as important now to know when a topic is relevant and how you can create something good out of it. For example, don’t create content about the UAAP season when there isn’t any game or competition on! Post it when everyone is talking about it online!

1. Making videos that aren’t searchable

Making YouTube or Facebook videos aren’t as difficult as it may seem as long as you know what topics to make videos out of. The key is in the keyword. Know what people are searching for by typing a topic you’re interested in talking about or that’s relevant to your brand, and make a video out of the suggested searches. Here’s an example for the keyword “crossfit”:

crossfit query keyword

Source: Google search

If a lot of people are asking these things, then that means a lot of people are interested in these topics. If you create videos about them and use the exact query as your title, you’re most likely going to get organic clicks and views, especially from your target audience! Try it out, and see how it’ll work wonders for your brand.

Do you agree with any of these points? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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